Tiger Cub Bubble Bath MADNESS!!!

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A lot of you saw the full, unedited bubble bath video I posted about a month ago, so you’re already familiar with the event. I decided to chop up the best parts & put them to music!

We put no-tears baby bubble bath in a water-filled stock tank & turned Boomer & Slade loose into their enclosure. What ensued was adorable chaos. Bubbles apparently make tigers go crazy.

Also, no tears bubble bath means no EYE tears. It doesn’t mean your hair won’t tear. I’ve SEEN no-tears baby bubble bath commercials on TV which explicitly say that their product is gentle(r) on a baby’s EYES. If you believe in the hair-tearing theory, then you have been duped by Tumblr nonsense.

Thanks to Tim H. for the video thumbnail, and thanks to my buddy, Devin Sutherland, for proposing this amazing idea during one of our work conversations!

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  1. These young boys are too cute and fluffy

  2. 1 dislike says it all

  3. I love how one just got a running start and then jumped into it. Such cute.
    Much tiger. Very roar.

  4. Awww

  5. what do they do with regular bubbles? :D

  6. I like turtles?

  7. Rock Lobster

  8. Gorgeous creatures, they’re like big playful kittens! I really don’t
    understand why people would want to hunt them.

  9. Cara Febe Giaquinto

    Super Cute! Have enjoyed several of your videos. Thank you for sharing and
    showing us a bit about those beautiful big cats!

    What ‘soap’ did you use to create safe bubbles for them? I’d love to do
    that for my puppy who loves his baby pool. Thanks!

  10. PC Masterace you fucking Console Peasants!

  11. Those are some big ass cubs.

  12. I wish this didn’t have the background noise. Would love to hear the
    animals play.


  14. that is so awesome excellent vidieo

  15. they aint no small cubs bruv hahaha

  16. It’s all fun and games until someone starts foaming at the mouth!

  17. See animals like cosmetics testing lol.

  18. That is so reckless at any moment those beasts could attack and kill you 

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  20. Jessica A (llamagoddess)

    Doesn’t anyone care that a hunter in Africa hunted and killed the largest
    and oldest elephant? Africa wild animals are nooooot protected

  21. I envy the number of females you have standing behind the fence, waiting
    for you.

  22. 好酷啊

  23. I whish they would do something with the tigers in our zoo…. they always
    stand around and look kinda bored.

  24. Too shallow

  25. that’s so cute and awesome I hope nobody got bit

  26. Awesome. Love this video…..awww, they were so upset when you emptied the
    water from the pool. They are like little kids. Thanks for posting.

  27. CUB?!

  28. love jesus or suffer

  29. jesus is coming soon

  30. I’m glad the bubbles were “no tears.” I would have asked about that 🙂 So
    adorable, it’s nice to see them having fun.

  31. Out of sheer curiosity what does tiger fur feel like?

  32. Music credits? Or is that you playing?

  33. Are those tigers your pet’s

  34. How special is this. These cats are gorgeous-what a privlidge to be able
    to work and play with them.

  35. Where is this place?!!! I want to go

  36. This put me in a ‘bubbly’ mood :p

  37. This is the wrong message your sending with your video. You got a lot of
    retarded animal lovers wanting tigers now because of this………….oh
    wait. on second thought. good job.

  38. Beautiful creatures.

  39. Good happy Tigers good hard oh we oh ::> _ <::

  40. I like it, but it would be better if we could hear the sounds they make.

  41. this makes me want to jump inside that cage and wrestle with them! what a
    fun way to die.

  42. IT’S SO CUTE!!

  43. Мокрые киски, смотреть онлайн без смс и регистрации.

  44. SWEET:) Hug them both for me!

  45. Maybe you could do a TeeGee/BeeBee slip and slide? Just put soap and water
    on a big tarp and toss some toys around so they run around and slide.

  46. aw they got upset when you poured the water out ??

  47. ill trust my WOLVES BEFORE i ever trust two tigers cats are unpredictable

  48. Woah, had no idea this would blow up when I did the thumbnail,
    lol…congrats to the boys on their expanding fame!

  49. imagine having to film that :|

  50. Bordercollie Productions


  51. Tee Gees > Bee Bees

  52. Tigers are great fun! Until they eat you and your family…

  53. WitheredChicaBeaka

    Wait can you just like point to something and they will go there?

  54. WitheredChicaBeaka

    this is my first time watch BigCatDerek so :P

  55. These two tigers are probably much less prone to attack their masters
    because they aren’t being scolded, whipped, and force trained to do
    anything. Therefore, they have no pent up fear or hatred.

  56. was this more for them being smelly or for fun?

  57. Good job :)

  58. Absolutely adorable

  59. Aw c’mon guys! Don’t let a bubblebath come between you two! <3

  60. Lucas Fratini Vieira

    s oooo cute

  61. Stephers Beyond 9000

    Awww! :)

  62. You should be a vlogger! Record what you do every day.

  63. do you ever get scared in there with them

  64. I bet they smell like little babies :)

  65. Such big boys!! ??

  66. Those bubble beards doe! ?

  67. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Are any of the animals aggressive towards you?


  70. Hey Derek, I’m following I on vine, once I found out that u had a YT
    channel, I was SO HAPPY

  71. How did you know they wouldn’t attempt drinking from that water lol

  72. hey At least there clean (until they go roll in some dirt.) ?

  73. 2:18 I see you like to live dangerously! :D

  74. Wow!!! Talk about cute animals taking baths…

  75. I am more of a dog person but seeing these Bcats is sorta persuading me to
    your side ;]…

  76. When they fight like they did do they hurt each other

  77. Is this the Catty Shack Jax Fl?

  78. Best. Job. Ever.

  79. Aww, big kitteh hijinks! How old are they?

  80. Wonder what kind of tiger they are.

  81. They’re beautiful, but their color fades along their sides. Are these

  82. Aw, I want a tiger.

  83. And who said cats didn’t like water…

  84. Wait until you pull on their tail on a grumpy day..

  85. I want to pull a tiger’s tail and tell it to get in a bubble bath, and not
    die. That seems like a fun thing to do.

  86. Mate I’d give you 3 thumbs up if I could, that was so damn cute!

  87. That water dot annoyed the fuck out of me

  88. That was pretty cool, but dont think it was a good thing to do to dump it
    at the end like that, it was like they were say, Now why did you do that,
    we were enjoying that….

  89. Great video, love the music too. What is it? Please and thank you

  90. I watched this before reading the full description. I was concerned about
    stinging eyes, so thanks for mentioning the baby no-tears bubble bath!

  91. Slip n Slide next time?
    Have it end at a pool, they’ll figure it out.

  92. “Hey honey, how was your day?”

    “fine, just fine”

    “What did you do?”

    “Oh nothing really, just put a bubble hat on a tiger then pulled his tail”.

    —things you don’t normally here from people! lol

  93. So basicallly, it’s Lud and Zallen having a bubble bath.

  94. Two things that will one day result in my death: 1) Dumping bubbles on a
    tigers head. 2) Pulling a Tigers tail. Very cute video <3

  95. Vault Boy Steve - LiveStyleGaming

    Ah, to the day when we have pet stores like in The Sixth Day, it would be
    great to have a tiger as a pet, with all the aggressive behaviour removed

  96. Will they have a permanent pond to play and swim in? That little tub
    doesn’t seem enough.They’re beautiful BTW :)

  97. Jascu Alex - ScarXL


  98. M. “Rowan” Adams

    Every time human tries to scoop bubbles back into bath: “human, you are
    doing splash wrong. I show you.” *SPLASH*

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