Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Burritos (Ep. 1)

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Sometimes love is best expressed through tiny food.

Tell us what you want to see in the next episode! #tinyhamsterideas

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  1. Im here because of John Oliver

  2. who doesn’t like burritos!?!?


  4. lol wtf am I watching this

  5. Last Week Tonight brought me here.

  6. He stored it. He hasn’t eaten it yet.

  7. Adorable and terrifying all at the same time!

  8. Nice video :)! I made a new video on how to take care of a hamster! Could
    you guys please check it out? Thanks!

  9. does anyone know what music this is?

  10. hey, who filmed me eating chipotle? ???

  11. The chef’s focus is killing me !!! :)

  12. What’s the song used in this video? Can’t find any answers to that in video
    description or comments.

  13. Nice video I like it

  14. This is the world I live in …

  15. Oh man, I’ve lost like an hour of my life to this channel so far and I love
    it!! No regrets!

  16. me and my sister are getting hamsters this weekend and she wants to know
    how to make the burritos.

  17. why?

  18. Cute

  19. “And THAT is how you end a comprehensive segment on the death penalty!”

  20. Why am i watching this

  21. Was that chicken? Is he insane?!?!

  22. Everything, it’s, just..so clear now

  23. Here because of CS50 :)

  24. Wonderful Creations

    I see 1k dislikes??? This is so cute and PERFECT

  25. Is that hard to make?

  26. awwwwwwwww cute!

  27. Good god man, chew your food. He spent so much time making it – enjoy it!

  28. so cut!!!!!!?????????????

  29. Why’s that hamster trying to eat the plate?

  30. Over a year already.

  31. Anyone who watches Rick and Morty is probably thinking about Lil’ Bits
    right now.

  32. Wer ist wegen LetplayMARKUS hier? xD

  33. That is sooooooooooooooooo cute

  34. Yeah that’s about what me at Chipotle looks like

  35. John Oliver.

  36. When you have to use dental instruments to prepare burritos for hamsters,
    now that’s dedication!

  37. It’s beautiful ?

  38. Awwww so adorable

  39. Tristan Black Wolf

    Nothing makes a chef happier than an enthusiastic customer!

  40. That’s so adorable <3

  41. Jesus! Look at him swallowing that entire burrito!

  42. Fast eater and fat eater

  43. Here because of John Oliver…XD

  44. Every time I feel bad about my life I watch this and feel calm and

  45. What kind of hamster is that? It looks like a Syrian but I’m not sure.

  46. NOM NOM NOM!


  48. the hamster is stufing food not eat it

  49. HelloDezin! I’ve got a #TinyIdea! For Christmas make “Tiny hamster’s Tiny

  50. I wanna see, Hamsters work out! What an amazing video! I will rewatch
    eeeUrrrry time!

  51. The hamster mouth is very squeezed

  52. how bout furious pete vs mice burrito off

  53. awww!So cute!

  54. aww i love seeing when grown up men are affectionate with their
    pets.Usually men arent public about it but i give applause to this man.keep
    up the good work :)

  55. 0:39 He just shoves it in his mouth

  56. Embrace The Darkness

    SO CUTE!! :)

  57. thank god it wasnt taco bell

  58. What were your ingredients for the tortilla? I don’t know why I keep
    failing at every food I try to make for my little buddies. Where did you
    get your instruments?

  59. I feel bad for the people who have to make this food, probably makes them
    rage for hours. Or at least, if I did it, I definitely would.

  60. My father was killed by a hamster with a tiny burrito and I take offense
    from this video.

  61. This just made my day.

  62. Patrycja Krawczyńska

    OMG it’s so adorable! :3

  63. Soooooooooo cute !!!!!!!!

  64. youtube rewind 2014 in the end reference this is so cute

  65. I hope he leaves a tip.

  66. It looks like every Chipotle I’ve ever been to.

  67. EPICALLY CUTE!!!!!! More props falling over

  68. So cute!

  69. I can’t stop laughing it just stuffs it in its mouth cause fuck chewing

  70. Why would you give your hamster meat

  71. Violet Lambbottom (NightfuryLOLCat)


  72. so cool

  73. so cute

  74. They must be very tasty

  75. Best. Video. Ever. Period.

  76. I WANT to be a hamster


  78. where are your manner?!?!?

  79. hes just going to leave the hamster like that by himself

  80. Littlest Petshops Love

    So cute!

  81. I have to say, ITS SO GOD DAMN CUTE ❤️?

  82. Kawaii!

  83. Awesome . What did you do with the rest of the ingredients ?

  84. God he was hungry

  85. anybody know the name of the music?

  86. Indira Yuri Flores Fernández

    que comida tan delisiosa


  88. What a well done video. The quality is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Now to
    check out your channel!

  89. I’m hungry for sub way now…

  90. So cute!!!

  91. The tiny dictator just stuffed the whole burritos in its cheeks, hater.

  92. lol that must have been really hard to make

  93. Can’t handle the cuteness.

  94. num num num
    his face gets plump
    num num num
    his face get plumper
    num num num
    how is he so cute

  95. I WANT IT

  96. so cute 0:50 Me irl eating

  97. too cute ?

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