Tiny Hamster vs Kobayashi (Ep. 3)

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Many thanks to Takeru Kobayashi for being a great sport!

Curious about the hamster’s tiny hot dogs? They were made out of grapes, dates, or carrots. The hamster ate whatever seemed to taste best to him!

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  1. Uraaaa is sou chiud

  2. Muy tierno hagan más vídeos les doy las cinco estrellas

  3. Hamster spa day

  4. I have seen kobayashi eat competitively in the Nathan’s competition, he
    eats 2 hotdogs at a time in no time…… So I wonder how much they paid
    Kobayashi to loose now that he is banned from the world of professional
    eating competition circuit? He makes his money now by making appearances
    all over the world like some mtv Real World previous season cast member. 

  5. I love teddy bear hammys they’re so cute >w<

  6. Ref looks like he regrets everything he’s ever done

  7. ahhah that was so funny:D

    Extremely CUTE!

  9. Lol the hamster won

  10. So funny

  11. My last name is Kobayashi! As in I am Laura Kobayashi

  12. The best ending would have been Kobayashi eating the Hamster in one gulp.
    Game, set, match.

  13. Soleilla Soleil

    Mais arrêter de gaver se pauvrf hamster! Vous allez le faire crever!

  14. Philippe Serrano

    Never knew that hamsters have grinders as their teeth XD

  15. tiny hamster eating tiny popcorn

  16. Really

  17. Lolololol the Ref is standing there like “what am I doing with my life?” XD

  18. The hamster hot dog recipe is tomato and whole wheat bread ( I guess )

  19. it was a tie not a win he did not eat the tiny bread this is not hate

  20. I bought the Tiny Hamster is a Giant Monster book yesterday lol

  21. Very cute! tiny hotdog & hamster! Also kobayashi good fight ^_^


  23. Make a tiny buffet for tiny hamsters!

  24. At the end, the timer dude had this look on his face that said, “Wow dude,
    you let a hamster beat you in a hot dog eating contest. Just wow.”

  25. Lol

  26. Wait a min the hamster hotdog is a little Apple rape in a tiny tortilla?

  27. que pendejo, no le gana ni a un animal jajajJajh lml

  28. What poor soul would click the dislike button on this?

  29. STE “stechanman21” FANO

    would like to see tiny hamster eating Japanese wanko soba.

  30. Just too cute!!! Kudos to Kobayashi for not being a sore loser.

  31. soooo cute

  32. yay hamster!!!!

  33. Omy god this is so cute XD

    The things you watch at 3 AM

  34. I love the episodes XD soooo cute. I dont support the ppl who disliked it
    but dont reply on this comment i dont wanna see bad words lol. Anyway not
    about that but i love these videos! I wanted a hamster when i was 9 i still
    do but i have my cat figaro. Thats enough for me. But i want one episode
    for tiny hamster to be tiny hamster renting a tiny house and living in it.
    Or tiny hamster gets married. YA! TINY HAMSTER GETS MARRIED! Make the tiny
    hamster gets married a 3-4 minute video of cuteness and love. XD LOL

  35. just discovered this channel… oh man I love it!! Brilliant!!

  36. That referee did not look amused…

  37. aww the hamster’s cheek

  38. the hamster is technically not eating, its stuffing the food in its cheeks
    for later

  39. *This is so ADORABLEEEEEEE!!!!Hamster and kobayashi both are adorable<3*

  40. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life

  41. Me too have hamster and five babies pls look my page

  42. hihihi its verry funny

  43. Danielle Flanagan

    Its sad when he lost but he tried his best

  44. jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja

  45. wow win hamster end hotog

  46. R.I.P death by cuteness overlode

  47. I died from cuteness.

  48. This is soooooo cute! Lol the hamster swallowing those hotdogs and the guy
    trying to do the same and failing XD

  49. The h's and the g's

    This is so cute!!!!!

  50. I love this its cute

  51. ???????????????

  52. A hamster’s cheek pouches give it a distinct advantage over a human. That’s
    why when he eats his cheeks bulge out. He’s storing food in them

  53. too cute

  54. para mi que el pata tomo mucho sake la otra noche lml

  55. That can’t be good for the hamster!

  56. @_@ :-D

  57. While the hamster was most adorable to watch, we can’t deny that he had an
    unfair advantage in that he wasn’t eating the hot dogs. Rather, he was
    shoving them in little mouth pockets. Yet, despite the unfair disadvantage,
    a fine showing on the professional eater’s part.

  58. Is that the xcom soundtrack?


  60. 1:28 The referee looks SO DONE. SO DONE. Just like, “can i go home now”

  61. Анна Савина


  62. It´s soooo cute! :3

  63. o boże!

  64. strong stomach

  65. omegapixelfredbear 64

    What am I doing with my life…

  66. Tiny Hamster has the eye of the tiger.

  67. you should do tiny hamster burgers lol

  68. JUST SO CUTE>♡<

  69. cuc ki de thuong

  70. Awwwww?

  71. 귀엽네요—

  72. but it’s true of course the hamster would win it got a pack in his cheeks

  73. good job

  74. ‫هدى احمد‬‎



  76. przegrał z chomikiem

  77. 둘 다 존귀 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ♥

  78. Матренна Алексеева


  79. Minttu?Suklaa?Pilvi

    Good :D

  80. Why is this so satisfying to me? idk it’s just cite lmao

  81. Indira Yuri Flores Fernández

    guerra de comida el hamster le gano siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  82. Kobayashi makes me cringe

  83. Clearly this tiny hamster doesn’t believe in the no-win scenario.

    Still, if Kobayashi had ended the bout by eating the hamster, would he have
    gotten a score of 21?

  84. lol

  85. 초록색머리 한국인인듯

  86. its so funny when Kabashi was staring at the hamster at 0:17

  87. this tiny hamster is very fast eating

  88. Maddiesfangirlingllamas Forever

    What am i watching……………….. Its adorable. I love it!

  89. ?

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