Tiny Hamster’s Best Day Ever at Walt Disney World (Ep. 9)

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We can’t thank Walt Disney World enough for the amazing opportunity!


  1. Aw omg!

  2. Hamster with tiny mouse ears – it totally looks like a scene from a Disney

  3. this is too adorable !!!

  4. Very cute me too have got Hamsters and five babies pls look my page

  5. Tiny Hamsters Halloween? That would be a cool video for Halloween :

  6. tiny hamster thanks giving

  7. tiny hamster goes to the pool

  8. tiny hamster carves a pumpkins

  9. At 1:05 it’s so funny ??

  10. Tiny hamster has a tiny Halloween Party!

  11. Can you do a hamster sleepover party! That would be so cool. This video is

  12. Meghan 101 (YouTube)

    Omg 1:05 adorable!!!!!

  13. Tiny Hamster Tiny halloween trick or treating!

  14. I can’t wait any longer for the next MONTH for the next episode. ??

  15. how old is he now? i ask cuz of the patch of thin hair on his left side

  16. can you do a tiny hamster Halloween BECAUSE it will be awesome

  17. SpongeBob & Patrick

    #TinyIdeas tiny hamster’s best day ever at nickelodeon studios.

  18. I swear this is so cute. This is my fourth time watching it. I wish they
    did have a hamster Disney world so hamsters could go to Disney world too

  19. When can we expect to see Tiny Hamster Presidential Campaign? I can just
    see kissing babies, eating al the weird state fair food, etc?

  20. tiny hamster Christmas party next lol so cute

  21. #TinyIdeas tiny Halloween party!!!!!!!

  22. que hermoso

  23. what’s the music called?

  24. tiny video games

  25. or dress them up as super heros and make them fight(eat) the bad guys

  26. how about Tiny Hamster goes Trick or Treating?

  27. What about a space adventure? Have the hamster see what’s truly on mars!

  28. I dont remember making this

    **has a cuteness overload**

  30. tiny hamster in winter wonderland!! Who agree?

  31. Is he going to burst?

  32. It cute

  33. How about tiny hamster goes mountain climbing or camping

  34. Gosh, I love these :)

  35. this is the best video I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

  36. so cute!!

  37. I like this hamster more than most humans

  38. Danular “Jolts” Garrison

    tiny hamster at tiny porno shoot

  39. Tiny hamster In a Burroto!

  40. 01:03 Tiny Hamster is like ” Wait a minute…” Then when he looks at you he
    like “DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN!” Its so cute

  41. チャンネル勇虎


  42. I love you’re videos! Tiny hamster Shopping! or Tiny hamster disco! <3

  43. yoir hamster is so cute and litte❤

  44. 可愛すぎる♡♡

  45. lol I hope he/she had fun!

  46. That’s cute but more Hamid!

  47. There was almost nothing more adorable today than a hamster stuffing his
    cheeks and then pausing for effect. This is absolutely wonderful!

  48. How do you make the hat stay on?

  49. This video is so cute!

  50. The h's and the g's

    OK! You make the best hamster videos i have EVER SEEN!!!!

  51. *OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* *cuteness
    *Love the TeaPot/Cup Ride!!!!!!!!!* *Thank You so much for the *AWESOME**

  52. you guys are great pet owners. I love how you feed them so well

  53. ahh the teacups!

  54. are you englis

  55. Damn it feels good to be a hamster

  56. Como me duele saber que un Hamster tiene mas suscriptores que yo T.T

  57. this hamster is way to spoiled

  58. Nuts_About_Hamsters


  59. Tiny hamster working out???

  60. Oh, my heart!!

  61. if you have been to a bad “horror”house/ride the tiny 1 seems like a good

  62. omg I love this it makes me wanna go back so bad!!

  63. °o° °o° Lucky hamster. Best day ever indeed. °o° °o°

  64. this hamster is getting old. sadly hamsters live up to 3 years. mine lived

  65. hamster = food

  66. This hamster has been to Disney World more times than I have. Which is
    none. :(

  67. These people that don’t like it sucks it’s so cute

  68. This is the cutest thing ever

  69. The Star Tour one is my favorite!

  70. so cute

  71. te cuidas a un video Oye antes un día bastante con mi hijo favorito 2 Evil

  72. Tiny hamster goes to the North Pole !!!!!

  73. The way it froze and stared at the camera lol

  74. That’s a lucky hamster :3

  75. that is adorable!

  76. nice!

  77. Tiny hamsters Christmas please



  80. Lol this little hamster is so spoiled and cute! ?

  81. Graciela Gonzalez


  82. The SpOoPy Meme Queen Is Not on Fire

    and every month, we buy a hamster.

  83. So adorable!!!!

  84. Don’t you wish you could like this million times?!!

  85. Tiny Hamster at an EDM festival…or Coachella! MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  86. Tiny hamster at a tiny playground!

  87. Tiny hamster at a tiny playground!

  88. ElectricalCat Thunder

    The hamster was smiling!

  89. That sad moment when a hamster had a better time at Disney World than you:/

  90. Ever said this question to yourself?: How do i get so many likes on my

  91. You should make a underwater tiny hamster Vedio

  92. so cute

  93. This is your best tiny hamster video ever!!! Love love love it!!!

  94. I miss Disneyland so much! I was crying throughout this video. I went when
    I was 8 and im probably not gonna go for a couple years :'( Thank you so
    much for posting! I loved it!!!

  95. The guy at 00:58 looks so determined.

  96. Tiny hamster eating pancakes

  97. 1:04 the hamster IS SCARED, i feel bad for him at the fireworks, he must be

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