Tiny Hamster’s Halloween (ep. 10)

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Here’s the costumes our Tiny Animals wore!
Tiny Hamster: Pizza Rat
Fuzzy Bunny: Donald Trump
Guinea: The plane scene from Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

We love all of your #TinyIdeas, keep them coming!

As always, we work closely with trainers to keep the hamsters safe and happy. All food is strictly reviewed to ensure it’s hamster-healthy. The gummy bears are made out of veggie juice; the taffy is carrot wrapped in rice paper; the candy corn is, well, corn with carrots; and the pumpkins are carved from carrots!

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  1. Tiny hamsters Christmas

  2. pizza rat lol!

  3. Amazing <3

  4. Tiny Hamster’s Tiny Therapy Session

  5. these anamals are soo cute :D

  6. tiny hamster for PRESIDENT!

  7. video about guinea pigs? please?????

  8. she used potatoes as mannequins….my day has been made…

  9. Plain Clothes Princess

    Tiny Hamster visits a Tiny House

  10. LOVE IT !!! Always look forward to your videos =)

  11. You are gonna do tiny Christmas, right?


  12. #Guinea Pig Is le BEST

  13. I wish they would do a tiny hamster house tour.

  14. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  15. Софья Сергеева

    ууууууу прелесть

  16. i luv these videos!

  17. You should do a tiny hamsters at a Kaiten sushi restaurant. If you don’t
    know what that is, it’s where plates of sushi are in a conveyer belt, and
    you pick the ones you want. It would be so cute!

  18. How about getting together with the guy who has the YouTube channel “Pocket
    Resort”? :)

  19. So cute

  20. Super cute!

  21. did you make the pumkins out of carrots

  22. #tiny ideas Do tiny hamster playing BIG football

  23. #tinyIdeas Do tiny hamster at a big football field!!! :D

  24. This reminds me of Jin from BTS xDDD SO cute <3

  25. The shiny dunsparce

    How old is tiny hamster? o-o seems like a one year old.

  26. And then Bunny Trump shat on everything as an act of revenge for dressing
    him up as such.

  27. Please do Hamsters eat tiny frozen yogurt!! Or ice cream!!

  28. Or tiny pizza!

  29. I love this so much <3

  30. So cute I think I died. <3

  31. hamster christmas

  32. I knew Biscotte wasn’t dead ! Give me my hamster back !!!!

  33. DiamondEntertainment


  34. A tiny hamster Chanukah!

  35. Tiny hamster in tiny waterpark

  36. Tiny hamster in tiny water park

  37. Tiny hamster in tiny water park

  38. I didn’t know that hamsters could eat gummy bears, but okay.

  39. do tiny hamster paraide

  40. I was a witch for Halloween too

  41. do little hamster chirsmas

  42. They really over feed there pets

  43. деми ловато


  44. could you do a not her episode 11


  46. I don’t know how I ended up here, but I love it

  47. When are the hamsters gonna die? I mean all the junk food they eat (No
    Offense taken please)

  48. Tiny Hamster runs for President!!!!

  49. I hope you never stop making these videos

  50. Tiny diabetes.


  52. Tiny hamster goes on holiday!

  53. 0:04 all those animals……died?!


  55. Do a especial Christmas video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Annie Sihalathavong

    Now please do tiny hamsters CHRISTMAS

  57. So cute! Hope you post more videos soon :).

  58. Tiny Hamster Christmas!!


  60. “La muerte peluda!”

  61. ShayPlayMinecraft n


    1.Highlight the numbers
    2.Press Ctrl+F
    3.Press 9
    4.Read the message
    mind blown?
    This must turn into dubstep

  62. it’s December already and I’m waiting for a Christmas special! ?

  63. To all those bald guys and people who have bad hair, I can tell, your heads
    are still better looking than Donald Trumps! ?

  64. I may not be young, (because im dead) but i do have a nice piece of ass.
    now, where did my tie go?

  65. I got an idea! tiny hamsters tiny spa!

    ps. video amazing so cute!

  66. Do a tiny hamster Christmas (than Hanukkah and other religions so no one is

  67. tiny hamster new year’s party!

  68. welcome to the comment section!
    here is the types of comments you will see

    why are you feeding so much sugar?!
    aaaaaw theyre so cute
    LOL trump rabbit
    this reminds me of my dead hamster :'(
    something that doesnt have anything to do with the video

    have a nice trip :-)

  69. you cant feed hamsters gummy bears they can get sick

  70. I thank this channel desveres more support they do so much but get so
    little why wont help then insted of being mean they desvere better

  71. Anastasiya Flower


  72. Tiny hamster new year party!

  73. Why does the Syrian hamster actually have a real tail and not a stub?

  74. funny and cute

  75. #tiny idea Hampsters on a train!!!! :3

  76. CissyTheGurl Takes Flight

    Tiny Hamster eats tiny fast food

  77. make more videos

  78. tiny hamster girl’s or boys night out.

  79. Gisselle Natalie “gigi” Lorenzo

    hey where are they? they have not upload a video for a long time

  80. 귀여움…?

  81. Tiny hamster Christmas please!

  82. Omg this video is made on my birthday!?

  83. Merry Christmas And Tiny Hamster PLZ!

  84. #tinyhamster’s new year countdown?

  85. that might make him sick

  86. I love your videos!

  87. Aww the guinea pig was sooo cute

  88. Indira Yuri Flores Fernández

    que lindos son y sus trajes

  89. 할로윈 데이

  90. i love your videos!

  91. Man, she REALLY needs a boyfriend!

  92. Tiny hamster beach day :D

  93. Darinka!!! Koroleva!!!


  94. Tiny Hamster’s New Year

  95. Yeah but Trump rabbits tho

  96. MORE plz :D

  97. Tiny hamster at a tiny beach party

  98. Newbs is Delirious

    Tiny Hamster goes to the spa :)

  99. My crazy channel Evie g


  100. Awww i love the pizza costume!

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