Tiny Porcupine LOVES Treats!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail Coyote hangs out with his new friend “Bud” an adorable Dwarf Porcupine, and oh boy does he love his treats!

Being a Mexican Hairy Dwarf Porcupine, Bud is unique from most other Porcupines in that he has a prehensile tail which enables him to hang from tree limbs to make himself better suited for an arboreal lifestyle in the rainforests of Costa Rica. In fact, this special quality has given Bud’s species the appropriate nickname of the “Tree Porcupine”.

However because he was hit by a car as a baby Bud no longer lives in the wild and now permanently resides at the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary. Lucky for him he was rescued and rehabilitated by some of the best wildlife professionals in Latin America who give him all the love and attention a porcupine could possibly need…and of course there is a HUGE bonus perk to all of this…he now gets to feast on his favorite treats every single day! Not a bad way to live!

Get ready to get up close with one super amazing and super tiny Tree Porcupine!

*Big thanks to the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary for hosting the Brave Wilderness team and to all the volunteers and staff for all the hard work they do every single day to help rehabilitate and protect Costa Rica’s incredible wildlife. Please visit their website to make a donation or to find out how you can visit this very special place in person!

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  1. porcupine like “an avocado!!!! tankssss!!!” lmao

  2. You wanna see a RIOT??? Look up BABY TRAPPED IN UNDERWEAR


  4. Do you know who the best person in the world

    Hint:its the second word in the question

    🙂 enjoy

  5. “LOVES” treats? Or “reluctantly and bashfully eventually nibbles a little
    on” treats.

  6. littleken sonofbigken

    Your the best I loved your toucan video and I like to see animals and you
    nearly always do animal videos

  7. Do a video about the American green tree frog pleeeeeeeaes

  8. Please

  9. Never knew a porcupine with a prehensile tail existed. Let’s just hope they
    don’t have opposable thumbs and take over the world.

  10. Do another ant attack video

  11. Coyote Peterson would be an EPIC band name!?

  12. Justin “Jitler” Hitler

    blamic the porcupine

  13. Why is bert so fat?

  14. Unalloyed Coolness

    1:45 -”Shuriken Jutsu!”

  15. Does it blink ?

  16. I fell asleep after the first minute, what did I miss?

    Did he get quilled again? Did the porcupine finally move?

  17. They are monsters. I don’t trust them.

  18. this guy needs his own TV show!

  19. Are you affiliated with national geographic?

  20. Ricky Broussard

    God I love the music they throw in there.

  21. his nose looks like a saggy ballsack.

  22. I actually genuinely want to know what kind of education you must go
    through and study to be in this region of jobs?

  23. so cute

  24. I didn’t know Seth Green worked with animals.

  25. Ogre Of your mom

    Did anyone else notice the past 4 videos are baby’s

  26. my dad almost cauthet a snapping turtle

  27. Yordany Balderas Munoz


  28. Yordany Balderas Munoz

    I am a fan

  29. Bud loves some FRE SH AVA C ADO




  32. The TattleTale Strangler

    Make sure you put it down when it starts to run fast and turning blue.

  33. Tristan Mc doge

    I think your dog has autism

  34. That Thing Looks High As Hell. White People getting Wild Life Hooked on
    Crystal Meth.

  35. Well. Now I Know How Adorable These Porcupines Are!

  36. Cheyenne Like Wyoming

    Coyote I don’t think you’ll respond but have you encountered a chinchilla
    and do you have pets but if so how many do you have

  37. Yes Im Going To Be That Guy

    I swear Mr.Peterson is the next Steve Irwin

  38. PantiesGoneWild

    i feel like none of the animals dont understand his language since its not
    in the america or other english langiage country

  39. fredbear the great

    i got pricked. bye one of those

  40. I love watching this guy. He has such a wonderful heart and soul and loves
    animals. I wish EVERYONE was like this guy

  41. 2:06 FR E SH A VOCA DO

  42. Why don’t the quills hurt the animal?

  43. That’s me right there right after I wake up

  44. It’s cute :)

  45. Bullet ant BITE ???

  46. ??????????????????????

  47. Looks yummy…. Not the treats… The porcupine


  49. SharkyProductions

    Just from watching this, I am going to make a small animal care Center by
    my house

  50. Sub to me = good luck forever ignore = bad luck for ever


  52. I always love it when people travel to my home country Costa Rica

  53. he was about to pet it

  54. awwwwww so cute and sweet ❤️

  55. We LOVE this channel. My 5 yo son adores Coyote and we make sure to watch a
    video every night to learn more about all the wonderful creatures.

  56. Hey coyote can u plz do a video with a bearded dragon

  57. This guy wins most annoying human of the year award

  58. All animals deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. Go vegan!

  59. hey Coyote I wanted to ask have you ever come to Puerto Rico if you haven’t
    you should read about coquis and Puerto Rican guaba/whip spider some spooky

  60. That little guy was hit by a car? Awww D:

  61. fresh avocado

  62. Hello

  63. SmallLoanOf aMillionDollars

    do they volunteer programs for the things he does? Cause I am super pumped
    to help these unique animals. lol

  64. Can you come and do a backyard adventure with me at Nosara Guanacaste in
    Costa Rica! I love your videos! I watch every single one of them! I’m 13,
    and I live in Nosara, and would love to meet you and show you my 2 red
    bellied Pacu fish.

  65. I want that porcupine so bad

  66. I was lmao when he puppeted the peanut and said “eat me” and hopped down
    the log.

  67. That ant eater is cute


  69. The porcupine kinda looks like he is cross bread with a rat

  70. the hair is just like Hillary’s butt hair

  71. Fractalis Omega

    It’s so cute I just wanna hug it, but I don’t wanna get quilled…. I’m
    wondering if there is some sort of possible genetic abnormality that would
    prevent quills from growing…. would be useful if domesticating them
    became an interest.

  72. You should go were the bullet ant lives and try to find them

  73. Isn’t dinner for us breakfast for them?

  74. you sould try to find a black mamba

  75. you sould try to find a black mamba

  76. is at 5:20

  77. You should find the snake that will play dead when threatened by predators


  79. Press 4 for “Its a peanut! :D”

  80. Little Jonathorn

    I never knew this species of Porcupine existed!

  81. Aww…

  82. So he is a monkey

  83. Hes Mexican!!! lol Super cute!!!

  84. The porcupine is like”if I don’t move,they might go away”

  85. Bud

  86. Hello

  87. goldenslugsmane

    you earned a real niggas sub…

  88. lol i just realised how cheesy and cringe this is XD

  89. Why did you change the title

  90. Hannah'sReborns13

    i have the perfect place to do a video. birch grove park in new jersey.
    I’ve seen black snakes cottonmouths salamanders and theirs rumors of a
    giant turtle!

  91. Bud is sooo cute

  92. I realised coyote looks and sounds alot like Matthew santorto

  93. I have seen one like that a lot on the Animal Wonders Montana channel. They
    are also an animal sanctuary and they have a wicked adorable porcupine.
    This little one is wicked adorable too. I hope he makes sounds like the
    other one on Animal Wonders.


    Or coarse we know what it is….Its in the title XD

  95. Dominick Villella

    He went to pet bud and was like oh wait let’s not do that again!???

  96. the MRAL sports and gaming


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