Toddler and dog – Daddy’s home!

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After a long day, baby and dog are very excited for Daddy to pull into the driveway!


  1. So lucky daddy!!!

  2. KAWAIiiiiiiiiiiii♡

  3. I just accidentally hit the little arrows to the right of the progress bar
    and the video filled my phones entire display.

    Vertical videos look great (as long as what’s important is in the shot)!

  4. priceless adorable!!!!!!

  5. Uhhh papai chegou!!!

  6. Where is the reaction when dad walks in smh

  7. dont make your son that way, nor your dog!

  8. oh~ very cute.

  9. 赤ちゃんと犬の息が合ってて面白い。

  10. Mom: “Look, It’s Daddy !”

    Baby: “Daddy, Daddy ! Hope he got me some new toys !”

    Dog: “Open that fu**** door, i’m about to explode, I just want to go for a
    pee !”

  11. Muito fofo❤

  12. This is my idea of hell.

  13. so cute.

  14. Tommy, Gracie & Leo

    My chihuahua barked when he heard “Daddy”! : ) Dogs and toddlers give the
    best welcome home greetings!

  15. Cute.

  16. dads reaction in the car, “fuck i get off of work and have to deal with
    this crap.”

  17. absolutely beautiful

  18. That is cute beyond words !!

  19. Hi Natalie! I just sent you a message. Check your inbox :)

  20. This video is just a little too cute so I’m giving it a thumbs down.

  21. Hey guys come to my channel for cool videos!!! ??

  22. 귀여워~~~ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  23. 这熊孩子玩的好嗨森啊

  24. Super happy times!

  25. Is that a smart dog or a dumb human? :3

  26. So cute lol

  27. say NO, to vertical videos!

  28. Who are the 20 idiots that disliked this video?! ?

  29. Did he died?

  30. hatreddarknessDspair


  31. He comes home tired as fuck and wants to lay down and rest but no. he has
    to out up with these two little shits.

  32. It’s funny. The kid wasn’t black but the daddy never actually showed up.
    Cultural appropriation? I find this very offensive.

  33. this is me at 30 years of age when the kebab shop delivery driver drops off
    the food

  34. This is one of the CUTEST things I have ever seen!!! Love it!!!

  35. *You Don’t Have To Die!* ????
    *Jesus Christ Died for you on a cross.* ???
    *When you ask Him. He will give you eternal life and heal your body.* ??

  36. *Want to get healed?* Isaiah 53:5; 1 Peter 2:24
    By Jesus Christ stripes we are healed.
    *Want to live forever?* John 5:40; John 3:15
    Jesus Christ said He will give eternal life to anyone who believes.

  37. 25 dislikers didn’t have dogs and didn’t love their daddies.

  38. OMG Adorable

  39. this reminds me of waiting on my dad to come home as a kid, only he still
    isnt back yet and its been like 22 years, where is this jokester?

  40. The CW Television Network

    Great end to a ruff week

  41. Lovely video

  42. It’s daddy!…with a shotgun.

  43. Black kids are like, “whats it like?”

  44. Wait till the dog sees the cat daddy brought home.

  45. HAHAHA xD super funny & cute

  46. Half these comments are straight stupid Why does there have to be so many
    idiots out there this video is awesome and cute!

  47. Say daddy!… *utter silence*

  48. I’m terrified with the comments. You’re all sick.

  49. precious

  50. Say no to vertical videos
    Mas é muito bonitinho :)

  51. Natalie G I enjoyed wathing Toddler and dog – Daddy’s home! it is very

  52. So cute. And one sees how even ‘pets’ feel they’re human. They don’t know
    Any distinction. As pet owners though, we must remember that they’ll always
    act like kids so we shouldn’t mistreat them( I’ve seen that all too often)
    if they do something we don’t agree with.
    Great download! Thanks for sharing.


  54. This is so precious!

  55. Cute…cute…cute…

  56. Is the wife/mother as happy to see him as they are?

  57. The toddler copied the dog. :)

  58. パパが帰って来たうれしいな。

  59. it seems people can’t react to adorable videos, but this is adorable.

  60. This is soooooo cutie

  61. Now it all boils down to whom daddy’s gonna hug first, because the other
    will be jealous.

  62. Are you using a potato to film this?

  63. Family goals. I feel bad for my mom for not being like this as a baby.

  64. This would make any parents worst day doable! Very sweet!!

  65. best part of the day for a family man

  66. awwww! !!?

  67. Nobody will ever love you as much as your dog.

  68. it is so beautiful ..melts my heart ..

  69. Sweet

  70. Awwwwwn

  71. glass seems to contain bacteria which is unsanitary for the dog to scratch,
    reported for animal abuse

  72. Spoiler Alert!

    The wife is fucking a bbc behind his back!

  73. That is cute. Does mommy have nice juggs?

  74. 好可爱的男孩子与狗?

  75. 好可爱的男孩子与狗?

  76. 好可爱的男孩子

  77. 很好玩的样子!

  78. henhaowandeyangzi!

  79. *Every kid likes his Daddy when he’s still in diapers — wait until he’s
    16 and he’ll be calling his Dad a “prick” LOL*

  80. why the dog is wearing a diaper ?

  81. that child have some serious problems .

  82. This is how it should be :)!

  83. And that’s why i like cats

  84. try to find the difference…hahahahaaaaa

  85. Plot twist daddy never came home

  86. Kids grow up but dogs will always show that same love to their owners. Us
    humans have a lot to learn from them about loyalty.

  87. あんよとおててで、もぅ♪

  88. なんだ、この赤ちゃんと犬のシンクロはwww

  89. superb video

  90. then daddy comes naked and slaps his cock on the door glass

  91. the difference is the child grows up and forgets parents. but the dog still
    doing the same party.

  92. 犬も一緒に喜んでいて、可愛いですね。どんなダディなんだろう。。、

  93. OMG so so so cute

  94. Wassup, Looks nice. aberrant tail What’s your opinion about it, guys

  95. why is the dog bold??

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