Top 10 Cat Superpowers!

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We all know cats are super! … But did you know they have SUPERPOWERS!?

#10 = They have the power to heal… There’s so many health benefits to owning a cat… ADOPT TODAY! 🙂


  1. jacob lukeburton


  2. all cats are still treated like gods because they are :3

  3. My cat eats so fast 

  4. You forgot one of the best superpowers a cat has. Nightvision!

  5. Oesterreich1156

    One of our two cats died today. :(

  6. JamieLee Pescini

    My cats super power is 9 lives amazing right

  7. Superpowers of cats:
    1. Cats are liquids especially when asleep
    2. Cats can provide a lot of fuzzy pictures
    3. Cats can shrivel your willpower to nothing because of being extra cute.

  8. Good to see Cole and Marm. How is Marmalade feeling?

  9. My cat have run fast superpower,and my other cats have climb superpower! I
    like your videos are very originals. Hehe XD

  10. My cats have the ability to cast a spell of cuteness.

  11. Itihas Adhikari

    hahahaha superpower no. 5 though !!

  12. mickael beauchamp (mickaelbeauchamp74)

    Hello to you Cole and Marmalade !
    Your video is truly impressive. Very good quality and work. Thanks to

  13. My cat is a master ninja and pro at stealing and hiding my socks :D

  14. Banjo my cat has a super power for opening doors no matter how tightly you
    close them and then scare the hell out of me.

  15. My cats also have superpowers – they can beat dogs in my videos!;)

  16. My cats wake me up. No kidding that’s a serious superpower.

  17. Sleeping

  18. Hahahaa! I really liked the flying part! c:

  19. Bjorvin Ironwulf

    i had a cat that would touch my face and make me fall asleep

  20. Andrew Thielmann

    #5 gets me every time. Ours do that too. Must be a scary dimension!

  21. ☆ Magic Unicorn ☆

    My cat has the ‘seeing into another dimension’ power too!
    When my cat walks in a room, she looks behind me and runs away like a
    freak! Like.. Wtf.

  22. MY cat has night vision

  23. Really cool video! Your videos are always so cool!:)) You have so cool and
    humorous cats:)
    Having cats just makes fun:)
    We subscribed!:))

  24. Pushy Cat Gamer

    LOL this is soo funny!

  25. Matthew “OmegaMPF” Ferrier

    It’s called an “ultraviolet lens”, and humans have them too! But a cat’s
    lens has greater power. What an ultraviolet lens is, is it’s a lens that is
    an ultraviolet color, kind of like infa-red light, that splits up all the
    color in a rainbow to let humans see specific colors. If you were to get
    this lens surgically removed and looked at a person, you would see their
    ultraviolet lens in a full color spectrum, most of it being violet. All of
    your vision would be gray. People who are colorblind have a slightly
    nonfunctional ultraviolet lens, meaning some of the color in the color
    spectrum inside of the lens is gray or just broken. That’s a whole
    explanation of how humans see color and cats have night vision.

  26. My cat has the ability to fart smelly

  27. I find myself on the edge of a king size bed in the mornings. My cat
    stretches out over a period of time until he pushes me to the edge then
    consistently wakes me up at five every morning. God love him!!!

  28. BANDOgaming Ben Ollie

    My cats only superpower is… Sleeping until the human race go exctinct ?

  29. What a great, funny video, I always enjoy your videos because you come up
    with funny, interesting stuff all the time.

  30. I once found my cat sitting on the top of a closet door. It was one of
    those bi-fold doors. I walked into my bedroom and the closet door is open
    and she’s sitting there on top of it, not a foot away from the ceiling.
    Lol. I still have *no* idea how (or why) she got up there.

  31. Throwing their voice. Making it sound as if they are far away and when I
    turn around they are in the same room- or maybe that’s warp speed

  32. All cats have this superpower that they work on me: I am INSTANTLY filled
    with overwhelming love and want to feed, love, care, adore, worship…
    yeah… well… back to ‘no pet land’… at this point I’d even hug a
    goldfish!!!! :-}

  33. N ch

  34. Nangal choudhary

  35. My cat has a power I call “Run, Hide, Shit” When ever me or one of my
    family members try to pet her, she runs under something, shits while
    letting out a loud ass meow then runs to a another object and repeats the
    process until she eventually hides in her latter box. The place where she
    is SUPPOSED to hide and shit in. -.-

  36. *litter

  37. My cats super power is being lazy

  38. Meine Katzen können SUPER weghören, wenn ich sie rufe, wenn allerdings die
    Leckerli-Tüten rascheln sind sie sofort da :-))
    Thank you for sharing you supercats, dear +Cole and Marmalade , have a nice
    sunday evening!

  39. My cats super power is pissing me off

  40. My cats superpower is being a bitch

  41. My cat has night vishon and the other 9! Powers

  42. I loved it my. Cat gan glime stairs backword

  43. Playfulpanthress

    Superpowers?? YES! My cats are amazing SLEEPERS! JUMPERS! LAY ON THE
    But their greatest power?? EATERS!!

  44. Omg the seeing into other dimensions was hilarious! Theyre always looking
    at thing I dont see….

  45. Charlie and Friends

    That was Pawsome! ??

  46. I lost it so badly at 5.

  47. Being the best cat possible

  48. My cats have hunting power

  49. What if cats are aliens! Because the cats are all over the place in Egypt,
    and what’s associated with Egypt? ALIENS! We’ve seen aliens for all our
    years without knowing it!

    Just joking though. It’s only a theory.

  50. i dont know but my cat is good at hiding

  51. This video introduced me to them! :)

  52. What superpower does my cat have? He can walk without having hip joints (he
    fractures both hip joints and had them surgically removed but the body then
    replaces them with muscle joints) also he is well and is back to his normal
    self except he can’t really jump yet until he gets stronger and I’ll love
    him even if we have to lift him onto the couch 7 times a day XD

  53. Kuro has the ability to do the dishes. With only his tongue.

  54. Gorgeous Black Pussy, Cole!

  55. salvage/spring trap sev


  56. Ok cole here’s your pizza 

  57. Love it! Yes they do have the power to heal <3

  58. My cat has teleceneses

  59. I’m faster than both of them ):)

  60. Cats have the superpower to meow and then you’ll give them EVERYTHING.

  61. What was the name of the music?

  62. my cat is a super hunter

  63. My cat has night vision.

  64. Forgotten Shards (Shade)

    My cat, Fozzy has 1, 2, 6, 8, 9 and a bit of 7. Snook has 3, 4, 8 (maybe),
    9 and Sisko had a bit of all but mostly 8 and 9

  65. LOL FLYING CAT TO me that was stupid in a funny way

  66. I love u guys -

  67. My cat has a superpower of sleeping and being cuddly and lazy :3 I love

  68. Mateus Felicio De Lima

    What powers my cat have Super speed too,Jump too,Invisibility,OMG IT FLY
    TOO All powers


  70. I seriously can’t believe you left out night vision.

  71. I’ll explain each power.
    1. Speed: Cats do run fast, but not through super speed; they can’t run
    around the world in a moment like Flash or Quicksilver or anyone like that.
    2. Jumping: Cats are good jumpers, but not through powers.
    3. Cats aren’t really super strong. Granted, they are strong, but not as
    strong as humans.
    4. Elasticity: Cats were just bred as being flexible. They can’t stretch
    like Plastic Man or Mr. Fantastic or any other person like that.
    5. See into other dimensions: Cats can’t really see into other dimensions.
    People just believe that because cats keep looking at stuff that people
    can’t see.
    6. Super hearing: Cats were just bred with really good hearing.
    7. Mind control: Cats are just really good at the “Give me food.” look.
    8. Teleportation: Cats don’t teleport. They are just quick in moving around.
    9. Invisibility: Cats are just good at hiding.
    10. Flying: Cats don’t fly! ‘Nuff said!

  72. I don’t have a cat so. No superpowers

  73. ALL OF THEM!!!

  74. And of course NIGHT VISION!!!!


  76. My cats have the same superpowers. Hope bad guys won’t find out so they can
    do experiments on my cats :))))) jk

  77. Did anyone notice when the cat was flying you could see the mans feet.

  78. My cat, Harry, has crazyness does that count?

  79. My cat can jump onto and off walls.

  80. 1:06, Cole would have been completely invisible if he was looking the other

  81. mine has the power to enjoy the cat cakes you made for Marmalade on his
    birthfay and the power to be cute and not stink like dogs :3

  82. I have 2 cats 1 is siamese another is black my siamese has teleportation
    and speed my black cat has strength and invisibility kinda

  83. Looks like we’re back with bat cat and supermarm

  84. Thanks for sharing these. My cat also knows the sound of the treat bag as
    well as the cupboard opening.

  85. My cat can eat, sleep and shit….


  87. BALANCE ?

  88. Did u leave out the “super power” that cats can turn in midair while
    falling, land on their paws and usually don’t get hurt?

  89. my cat does that as well looking everywhere when its nothing there

  90. My cats super power is POOPING???

  91. My female cat Angel flies across the room. Does that count as a superpower?

  92. How about the power to bring peace to your body & soul when nothing else
    you’ve tried worked.

  93. lol the mind control , teleportation, and flying are epic editing hahah.
    marmalade is not good at invisibility

  94. This is crazy .. i was eating pizza when the part that read give me your
    pizza poped up??

  95. my 4 kittens, when they combine their power together, they can manipulate
    my heart! from sadness to haapiness!!! :)

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