Toronto Zoo Female Polar Bear Cub at 2 Months Old

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Our polar bear cub continues to grow and gain strength at two months old. Still quite wobbly on her feet, she works hard to get up on all fours. She was also introduced to eating from a bowl for the first time this week.

Note that she is not viewable to the public at this time.

Toronto Zoo continues to be involved in a collaborative research project involving multiple accredited zoos to understand polar bear reproductive biology. To support our work in polar bear conservation, visit


  1. awwwwwww soon cutee

  2. Yay more captive breeding for another generation of animals for our

  3. Screw the zoo.

  4. Anyone else think the thumbnail almost looked fake

  5. waking up early like

  6. Go home bear. You are drunk.

  7. Most dangerous bear in the world ……. But cute

  8. Zoo’s. Saving poor animals from extinction, yet locking them away

  9. I wonder how much longer till it’s in your mcdonalds

  10. Joseph vohland (Angel of hope)

    ?Awwwwwwwwwww it’s sooooooooooo cuteeeee

  11. That was me on new years.

  12. I want to adopt one and walk it like a dog.

  13. Someone kill me.

  14. Aw

  15. How do you know the polar bear identifies as a female?

  16. Zoo - funny animals

    ahah cute panda, Im have many funny animals video too))))

  17. That poor baby needs her mother to take care of her not people. Cause what
    if they want her in the wild, then she would die immediately cause she’s
    not used to being out in the wild

  18. Shigerlu Miyamorto

    in a few more years, this thing will be able to kill you.

  19. Pitbull MaMa New York

    Can someone please tell Vivica Fox she looks horrible

  20. I am gonna cry!!! I need to hold him!!

  21. if only they stay that size so i could keep one, instead of growing to be
    huge and ripping me to shreds

  22. Angel?

  23. This is the cutest kitten ever! ♥

  24. I wanna pet it omgg

  25. OMG cute i want to hold it know

  26. Look at all those chickens

  27. She’s so incompetent it’s adorable.

  28. Cutest bear I’ve seen in the all year. (16 Days) Lol.

  29. I want one

  30. She can bearly walk. It’s impawsible

  31. baby polar bear vs baby panda bear

  32. that polar bear will never see the outside world in their entire
    life……not only that but we are destroying what little “homes” they have

  33. Spreading awareness!!!!!!!!!???

  34. So cuuuuuttttteeeeeee

  35. Are Toronto Zoo is doing well I see two two pandas Nala polar bear is
    Canada ever happy about that I guess I guess a good name for our broadcast
    bear a polar bear I’m talking about how about Pooh Bear Form that’s a good
    name named after Winnie the Pooh which is also a Canadian comic are named
    after me Elvis that’s it man

  36. Yeah well I would like to salsa say you know what else um bugs me to seize
    on the kids that go out and shoot to kill for trophies should be banned
    number one its making all the animals around the world extinct and they
    only do it just to keep ahead of the animal never mind about the meat if
    it’s idiotic and it cost so much money in the talking about also replacing
    animal that they can how can you do that I don’t see anything I need to go
    home and animal unless it turn around and kill the app on another person or
    something like that I can understand that but I don’t understand by cutting
    off an animals head and placing it on the wall you know what it’s telling
    other peoples maybe we should go after the animal killer and use his head
    for a trophy on the wall least I’m not a person like that it has to stop
    already huge argument downtown Toronto about it now its good move to
    Calgary bandit there’s no need for it Elvis that’s it man

  37. What I’m talking about is a trophy hunting show as travel around Toronto
    and all the way through Canada should be banned no need to harm and animal
    for nothing for gain of a trophy you don’t eat the animal that you kill so
    why do it Elvis that’s it man

  38. I want one

  39. Yeah I just saw the news are talking about taking that money and help
    stopping poachers what’s the difference between a hunter and a poacher no
    difference at all and in fact people who go to Africa from Canada cannot
    bring certain animals into Canada that they kill or even tried to smuggle
    into Canada so when you think of going to Africa 100 animal you can’t bring
    it here you wasted your money

  40. . Our Toronto news we bring animals here to learn from them Elvis that’s it

  41. . Far as I’m concerned between a butcher and Hunter is harming the
    ecosystem also they cannot understand people go up killing animals to bring
    an animal’s home also put themselves in jeopardy because people get pissed
    off and go out for them this has to stop
    Should be banned mostly city and to go up there to do this kind of thing
    should be fined bring stuff like that in the cannon into Canada where does
    it help the flock of animals geez you must go and hunt your mother and
    father and then you’ll feel and how you’re going to miss your parent the
    bunch of idiots Elvis that’s it man

  42. Best job ever

  43. Beautiful baby polar bear!

  44. lovr it

  45. So precious

  46. it’s so cute watching an innocent creature being caged.

  47. Where’s it’s mother at she’s gonna be pist.

  48. Oh she’s one of those kinda mothers I see.

  49. aw so cute

  50. omg! i thought she was so small until those human hands came in! funny to
    see something so big with so little coordination!

  51. That’s the single most cute thing on earth besides my dog

  52. where is her mom?

  53. Just uploaded a video of my cub chasing peacocks!

  54. It’s sad to see. This cub belongs in the wild…

  55. So adorable 😀 It’s weird that they love the taste of human flesh huh?

  56. few more years, it will have its own tv show. It’s friends will be a panda,
    and grizzly bear.

  57. Ice Bear approves this.


  59. This is how you know you’ve had one too many.

  60. Ice Bear is Baby :I

  61. hermoso

  62. He is so drunk right now

  63. so cute and the mom did not die

  64. Africans could have eaten that cub

  65. you can do it lil dude keep walking!

  66. Oh, so cute baby bear !


  68. Zoos are animal prisons!

  69. i want a polar bear

  70. абвгдђежзијклљмнњопрстћуфхцчџш

    2 months old and can`t even walk properly? You need to put this thing in a
    freezer for a while

  71. Sharon I’m Sorry! Nothing more about the past. I have know other way to
    tell you!

  72. sebastian valemont


  73. ITS.SO.LITTLE ヾ(*´∀`*)ノヾ(*´∀`*)ノヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

  74. Meanwhile we are passively killing them. Sad.

  75. That thing’s going to grow up to be something truly terrible.

  76. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww<3. I want to squeeze him with love!!

  77. To the Mad Hatter give blind deaf and dumb you know what I said between
    purchase and hunters it has to stop Dum Dum Dum Dum have a wee spot of tea
    have hearts don’t fart and don’t shoot an animal Elvis that’s it man and
    you better not call me back and say you don’t understand you sometime
    Square spelling here

  78. Ice bear thinks he is cute.

  79. Was I the only one that thought the thumbnail was that of a poor CGI bear?

  80. you know, the way things are this days you are absolutely
    right.Furthermore:when we poisoned our last river of drinking water,we will
    finally realise that we can’t help our selves and we will die of thirst,
    but not without,checking our cellphones,watching some useless music video,
    and thinking about backstabbing our closest human beings, in the end we are
    the most violent and unsatisfied species of the whole universe!!!

  81. Female? I thought it was male when I saw the thumbnail.

  82. Cute


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  85. I saw them giving it Pepsi, so it’s not a real polar bear….maybe black
    bear bleached.

  86. hahaha . super cute . i like ?.

  87. I want to hold one before it grows up!

  88. Ice bear approves

  89. she’s so cute

  90. Frances Van Siclen

    God bless this beautiful creature and all our beleaguered animals !!!!

  91. reminds me of the birth of our former Vice President Al Gore. when he was
    born there were 6700 polar bears, today only 26,000 are left :(

  92. Polar Bears … My personal favorite of Nature’s beasts.

  93. Run away! …it’s sea world all over again!

  94. She been drinking with Bill Cosby :/

  95. awe so cute :)

  96. Another month and it will be just right for the BBQ :-)

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