Turbo and the turtle

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Turbo the corgi had no idea the rock could move

Just so everyone knows the turtle in the video is not a tortoise but in fact an eastern box turtle! Which is actually part of the Terrapene family.


This was filmed on my Samsung Galaxy S6

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  1. Someone explain how this vid got more than 10 views please 

  2. my friend’s dog was so freaked out with a shoe box because it kept sliding
    on the carpet!

  3. Well that was highly eventful. I need to chill out after watching that
    adrenaline rush…

  4. Blastoise.

  5. Welshi corgis are super cute.. I feel like that Iam going to cry because of
    their cuteness ..

  6. Too short

  7. the turbo and the turtle
    comeing soon on dvd

  8. Should be ‘Turbo and the Corgi”

  9. fucking stupid video

  10. How did this get 6k likes..?

  11. Not even funny and get your facts right it’s a tortice – I think that is
    how you spell it

  12. Nina Ottomanelli


  13. if i posted a video about my dog and tortoise would i get almost 2 million

  14. It’s a tortoise NOT a turtle 

  15. Friday Night Live

    Dogs getting bear scared!!! Of the turtle 

  16. Out in cinemas july 15th

  17. What’s the breed of that dog ?

  18. An rock with necks, and moves, ah, everybody run, apocalpyse

  19. Moving rocks?! What’s next? Talking trees? (Then remembers ‘The Lord of the

  20. Does anyone know what breed of dog that is 

  21. WTF, why the hell has 1.8 MILLION people watch this, has it product
    placement in it that I’m just to stooopid to see. I pitty the world we live
    in and I just watched it as well. Someone get me a rope.

  22. Lost all faith in humanity, this is a tortoise not a turtle

  23. Look, someone held the phone properly and not vertical for a change. 

  24. From total chill to total mindfuck in an instant

  25. Pretty puppy! ☺️?

  26. the dog will eventually kill the turtle mine did

  27. such a cute puppy

  28. going viral ;)

  29. That was it?

  30. LIFE OF FLOYD THE DOG life of floyd the dog

    Go to my channel to see spiderdog and the superteddy plus the cutest dog in
    the world all great short clips.

  31. Haha cute:)

  32. 畫質超好的!


    *Corgi. Check. Toytul. Check. WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE??!!*

  34. *tortoise…

  35. Hahahahaaaahaaaaaaa

  36. So cute

  37. Why does this have so many views 

  38. Turbo’s going to be lunch if he doesn’t watch out….that’s one tough
    Turtle!! :)

  39. really this has 2mil views it just your dog barking at a turtle

  40. Beaumont Pritchard-James

    Why is this video so popular…?

  41. Are you dumb having a dog with a tortoise

  42. I want a tortoise so bad !! Aww 

  43. What’s up guys, just posted a new video on my channel (Its a
    Comedy/Entertainment channel) check it out if you got the time! Thanks

  44. Nice little corgi!

    By the way, surprised no one’s mention terrapins yet…

  45. Really. 2 million views


  47. Lol Xd

  48. what camera did you use =) ???


  50. YouTube just caused this video to blow up 😀 via Twitter 

  51. …why?

  52. 2 million view for this lol wtf im about to upload my dog on this now

  53. This is a tortoise, not turtle.

  54. Whats with the short ass videos!

  55. This is cute! I’ve seen so many corgi videos lately, that I’ve had a
    complete change of mind about them. I used to think they were just squatty
    little dogs with nothing remarkable about them. Now I think they are smart
    playful , happy little guys that enjoy being family members.

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  57. Dear god… THE ROCKS ARE ALIVE!!!


    you can actually pinpoint the second where his heart rips in half

  59. I think you’ll find that it’s a tortoise not a turtle 

  60. That turtle is high as a fucking satellite look at his eyes!

  61. Must have been a pretty fast turtle if your dog noticed it moved. XD. This
    is cute.

  62. fuck my ears god damn^^ rest in peace headphone users^^

  63. “They see me rolling…they hatin’…”

  64. Loved this

  65. I must say that the turtle is taking the loud noises with dignity and
    serenity. Two points for turtle.

  66. yep how dare that turtle move on your watch doggy how dare he move lol

  67. This is wagtastic!

  68. how did this vid get 2.3 mil views? Plz answer

  69. That video quality tho! And the corgi lololol

  70. This is so fucking retarted i swear to god like what have people come too
    that are liking this shit fucking hell such fucking abuse i call it like
    this is just a disgrace this is why i have lost hope in humanity like
    really who fucking names a dog turtle? Name him shiba or something u know.

  71. 0:10 “What the *SHELL*?!”

  72. OMG


  73. That turtle seems to be quite happy mind fucking that Corgi

  74. I like his yawn.
    so cute~

  75. Cute!?

  76. Christabel Gregory

    It is a tortoise not a turtle. But cool any way

  77. Charvak Kondapalli

    Watch 0:10 – 0:12 at x0.25 speed and tml

  78. turbo = winning dog name

  79. Why did this get so many veiws?

  80. Did anyone else jump when the dog barked? 

  81. Interesting how “JukinMedia” makes false copyright claims on every single
    video ever posted on the “cheezburger” website… Youtube needs to get
    control over all these false copyright claims.

  82. Yogscast sent me.

  83. Pikachu48 (Chris Bell)

    Was this a pet turtle or just a wild turtle? Either way, simply adorable.

  84. corgi: aw what a beautiful-
    *turtle moves*
    corgi: YO WHAT THE FUCK

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