Turbo-Roo: Cute Two-Legged Chihuahua Given Wheels To Move Independently

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Cute Two-Legged Chihuahua Puppy Given Wheels To Move

A chihuahua born without front legs has been given his mobility – using skateboard wheels. Turbo-Roo is now getting to grips with life on wheels after a kind-hearted designer made him a prosthetic to help him get around the state of Indiana. The puppy was given up four weeks after he was born by owners unable to take care of him. He was taken to The Downtown Veterinarian in Indianapolis, USA, where vet technician Ashley Looper adopted him. Since then he has become a online sensation with his own Facebook and Instagram pages.

Footage: Ashley Looper
Producer: Jack McKay
Editor: Joshua Douglas


  1. The cuteness it burns… too much…

  2. Can I get a Turbo-Roo for my penis? It’s too heavy to walk around with it
    dragging on the ground.

  3. If Turbo-Roo gets too tired to walk, Ashley could rig him up to one of
    those automatic moving floor cleaners: Turbo-Roomba

  4. I want that dog


  6. natetheliontamer 20

    i want kick that ? into a goal

  7. TheSheep And Friends

    So cute ????????

  8. Me want cute chihuahua

  9. That is so cute I love this video

  10. they see me rolling

  11. I want him <3

  12. How ever bits like this video is a mother fucker

  13. that’s really sad??????

  14. 😀 gotta love wheels they have helped so many species with their problems

  15. I watch turbo too on musical.ly

  16. this makes me so happy ??❤️

  17. I want him sooo bad

  18. poor puppy

  19. So sad ???

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  21. God dangit! Stop you Onions!!

  22. Is it just me or does dogs look cuter without 2 front legs?

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  24. That is so sad

  25. That’s amazing

  26. So cute

  27. Kooijstudio Short vids

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  33. I WANT IT

  34. The dog is so cute!

  35. that’s cuter than a puppy cuddling with a baby

  36. Aww! This is adorable!

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  40. Alan Rene Pedroza Garcia

    poor dog ????????????????????

  41. I follow him on musical.ly

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  43. He is so adorable!! I want him :-)

  44. Cyborg puppy…a little bit

  45. I want one!!!!

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  48. I wish I had that dog but I have a cat

  49. He is so cute

  50. this made me cry happy tears

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  54. that is my chuawa

  55. poor thing!

  56. awwww even if it’s two legged it’s still four legged that’s how I look at

  57. Fuck. I have to punch a wall to feel manly again…

  58. Zielig :(

  59. Aw, so tiny! CUTE!

  60. cutest thing ever if i ever see a animal like that im adopting it good
    bless that pup prays sent out <3

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  62. Wedding Channel Cebu

    That dog is sooooooo cut


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  65. Brianna Martinez

    I cried when I seen this

  66. jacqueline avila

    So cute

  67. I am sorry for you

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  69. He is sooooooo cute

  70. poor puppy ?????????

  71. Carolina Gutierrez


  72. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen

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  79. dog was give prosthetic made specifically made for him…..but we lost it
    and cut a roller skate insted

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  81. The puppy is the most cutest puppy I ever saw

  82. I also feel bad for the puppy

  83. O sistema de rodas não parece ser eficaz. Dou a ideia de desenvolver algo
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  84. SO CUTE


  86. olivia livingstone

    I think that it looks a bit stupid but it helps??

  87. MightyMidget 1701

    Couldn’t he just stand up and walk, other dogs can do it

  88. I love turno’s musical.ly channel

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  93. Cute

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