Ugly Zappa? Dog’s Tongue Has 30,000 Instagram Followers

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Ugly Zappa?
Zappa the greyhound has made thousands of fans around the world – because of her goofy appearance. The 15-year-old’s parents were show dogs but unfortunately Zappa did not make the grade – but that did not stop her from becoming an online sensation. Zappa suffers from a dental illness which is common in Italian greyhounds and has led to her losing all but two of her teeth – meaning her tongue is constantly lolling at the side of her mouth. She lives with the Millen family in Pewaukee, Wisconsin along with two other dogs, a standard poodle named Bazinga, a shih poo named Dylan and four hairless guinea pigs, Peanut, Pickles, Pepper, and Pipsqueak.

Videographer / Director: Rosalie & Sadie Millen
Producer: Dan Howlett / Chloe Browne
Editor: Sonia Estal

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  1. First comment,

  2. They’re always running out of peanut butter, and I think those ladies know
    why 😉 

  3. Under 301❤️

  4. Oh dear goodness gracious she’s freaking adorable!

  5. Not a fan of the greyhound breed. but thats adorable haha.

  6. Barcoft you misspell “Fluffy zappa” wrong

  7. In Science We Trust

    Uglies mother fucking dog i have ever seen in my entire motherfucking life

  8. Mariah-Nathalie Larsson

    Shes DEFINETELY NOT UGLY personally i think shes charming and uniqe quite
    a charachter with her long tounge sticking out like that lol she definetely
    put a smile on my face thats for sure thank you Zappa wish you all the
    best keep continuing what you do best make people smile and be who you
    are=D Lots of Love from Sweden xx

  9. Aw I don’t know what makes people say it’s ugly. To me it’s adorable

  10. I wanna fuck those daughters. Anyone got their Nr?
    Sorry, I’m a standard Xbox fanboy. This is how I behave. 

  11. He is a cutie. What is his instagram?

  12. oLieutenant Dan

    i had to hold it together thi shit is fucking hilarious

  13. that dog is cute :)

  14. :P

  15. Every women watching this just got moist lol

  16. Aw she’s so cute :)

  17. Awww cute lil doggie simply adorable ? how can you not love that face!

  18. toastmeetsworld
    is another instagram account like this dog but with more follower

  19. he is so cute!!

  20. I want my dog to have his babies:)

  21. ravingPyrotechnician

    Zappa’s a complete cutie!

  22. Zappa’s Instagram is: @the_real_zappa

  23. I don’t think it’s ugly at all he is adorable!.:)

  24. The dog reminds me of Ripper Roo from those Crash Bandicoot games

  25. Ugly dog

  26. lefthandcigg 425

    Who couldn’t love that beautiful face????

  27. Awakened Spirit

    So this is what they mean by getting peoples tongues waggin

  28. He’s the cutest dog I’ve ever seen!

  29. Such a cute dog !!! Omg ! So adorable !! How rude the dog is not ugly the
    dog is beautiful ?

  30. Zappa looks like the animal from Ice Age videos!

  31. That Poor inbreed dog

  32. Awwwweee

  33. Melissa Assilem

    aww hes such a cutie!! he looks like a little rat!

  34. SO FREAKING ADORABLE! not close to even be called ugly!??

  35. She’s not ugly, she’s adorable.

  36. Who’s ugly!? That is most cutest sweetiepie I have seen my whole life!

  37. Wendy G Kennedy

    Zappa is what I would call a “cugly” dog…. “CUGLY”= cute and ugly but
    mostly cute… ^_~

  38. OMGAWD!!! That TONGUE out cheek!!! Too hilarious for words. How could
    anyone not LOVE ZAPPA?
    ~South Africa~ xox

  39. It’s not ugly its beautiful!!

  40. I wanna kiss that tongue

  41. That thing looks so fragile, that a cool breeze might kill it.

  42. Odie in real life. Aww…. ♡

  43. Well …. i find her Ugly . Sorry

  44. Zappa is not ugly but may His owner used *IGROCKET* *DOT* *COM* to get
    #INSTAGRAM #FOLLOWERS what do you think guys ?

  45. AudemarsontheWrist

    This dog went full retard

  46. Swagg with costumes!!

  47. For this particular dog I’d much rather a cat! And I hate cats with


    I just reached over 6k new followers each and every day. I’ve been using *www.
    InstaSharks. COM*

  49. For the immature fucks saying she is an ugly dog – if it was your pet of 15
    yrs going through different stages in life and changing would you want
    people being so ignorant and rude about your pet? Kittens don’t stay little
    and cute, neither do puppies. They grow with us as valued family members
    and if they get sick or look different we still love them. If you are all
    about cute ‘pefect’ looking animals then you shouldn’t be allowed to own
    any. Your superficial shit is as bad as what is applied to imperfect
    humans. You are the reason so many animals get overlooked in shelters.

  50. Zappa means a slap in my language :D

  51. Such a cute dog, hope he lives long. 

  52. Hahahah.

  53. Pascale Lamarre


  54. Change the title of the video, it ain’t ugly +Barcroft TV

  55. Yeah, if your looking to get more instagram followers quick, than use *www.
    InstaSharks. COM* they work the best.

  56. shamim hasan sonju

    Sweet! It works for me. Thanks for letting us all know

  57. Mari Carmen Moreno Fernandez

    Me encanta yo tenía un perrito así pues le faltaban los dientes de la boca
    y me recuerda mucho a el

  58. So cute!!!!

  59. I luv her

  60. She so cute

  61. Ha..ha

  62. His tougue like my dog, so funny and cute???

  63. Get THOUSANDS of new instagram followers just by using *RealInstagrams. COM*
    even after the IG update 🙂 

  64. You are a cute and adorable dog !

  65. This dog just seems like he be like… WHATS UP GUYS

  66. He looks UNDER FED. Feed him, you dopes.

  67. 甘えん坊マイ甘風


  68. Austin Blackburn

    Its sorta sad how people will have there animals have deformities that they
    can fix just because they think its cute or funny it is great to have a dog
    with a deformity as long as you cant get it fixed
    But the one the that really pisses me off is when people cut the ears and
    tails of dogs and cats it is cruel and not right for us to do
    Also we shouldn’t fix them humans say there over populated and all pounds
    must fix them so humans are over populated so should we fix all kids in
    foster care and all people in homeless shelter by law.

  69. Sergey Israyelyan

    Your dog is so cute

  70. hows zappa ugly ITS A CUTE DOG 😀 give the dog a break without the camera
    taken every 5 mins

  71. Cupcake10833 Aj

    1 word, KAWAII

  72. THE DOG IS SOOOO CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Pamela Cristina Gálvez Mariscal

    Que ternura de perrito

  74. Farewell Zappa. Hopefully these videos will be around forever. Just loved
    that curly tongue. 

  75. RIPA ??????

  76. TheRedstone Tocchio

    one fucking ugly dog

  77. Zappa is so cute! She’s adorable!

  78. So cute

  79. He is so cute

  80. I acually think zappa is cute and sure the tongue is out but that dog is

  81. RIP Zappa

  82. findAplaceToCallHome

    I want this dog so much

  83. Can i pet him? Hes SOO adorible!

  84. looks like a character from goat simulator

  85. Yolo I live in Wisconsin!!!!!!

  86. That weird but cute

  87. cUTe AS!!!!!!

  88. shes adorable oops lol

  89. Very cute, and so is the Guinea pig

  90. Zappa is so cute.I can’t believe some people think she is ugly.

  91. That thing is ugly its face looks like a bats but whats his IG

  92. reminds me of slid the fucking sloth

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