Visiting an Owl Cafe in Japan

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Owl Cafes are becoming more and more popular in Japan – a place where you can admire and pet all the Owls you’ve ever dreamed of. It’s time we went and checked one out!

(ALSO: This Owl cafe was located in Sendai, but there are many throughout Tokyo).

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  1. The bottom half of that owl notice went to some dark places.

  2. lol so funny that card. seeing an eye of an owl is prohibited. it is not
    possible movie shooting. an owl doesn’t like being fingered intensely.
    don’t touch a face of an owl by your face. hun apparently mean anus, right?

  3. According to the leaflet at 0:56, the owls don’t like to be fingered

  4. i really enjoyed this video but making your girlfriend(?) touch the owls
    first? Come on, man up ya wuss!

  5. “When fingering an owl on the tree, touching hard is prohibited”
    “An owl doesn’t like being fingered intensely”

  6. This is really sad because it’s not a very stimulating environment, and the
    ‘Parisian’ owl was clearly stressed/frighten. This doesn’t seem like a very
    enjoyable cafe, at least to me, personally I would love to see these guys
    back in the woods.

  7. 5:36
    She’s bloody gorgeous I’m dying (the girl, that is)

  8. I like the Shinedown playing in the cafe

  9. Your friend is beautiful!

  10. “When fingering an owl on the tree, touching hard is prohibited.” “An owl
    doesn’t like being fingered intensely.”
    “Don’t also finger a wing and an abdomen. Please touch gently” This info is
    like a magic

  11. the hun? mulan?

  12. 2:14 “What the fuck you looking at” XD

  13. Milamber of Stardock

    「Tinder In Tokyo」, おねがいします

  14. Hey Chris, I’ll sue you in court for lying to your audience. You said you
    had a glass vase, but never showed it to us. I have nightmares of what that
    vase looks like and I can’t sleep. I’ll tell the intelligence agencies that
    you have kept alien eggs inside that vase, which you eat to speak like
    A fan of Pit-fucking-bull (and you)

  15. Nick's Strength and Power

    Anyone else pee on the side of the toilet at night so you don’t make any

  16. Abroad in Japan you are awesome I loved how you made your friend try to
    touch the owl first xD

  17. God damn japs sure know how to exploit animals, at least they don’t
    slaughter them like the dolphins.

  18. Seems “like an owl sanctuary”? You’re kidding, right? Nocturnal animals
    tied by their legs to posts, subjected to bright lights and constantly
    being stared at and touched. And any idiot can buy one. Sanctuary??

  19. The owl in Paris made me laugh so hard I woke my dad up

  20. Movie taking is prohibited

  21. 1:37 “The fuck was that all about?”

  22. Who else wants an owl now

  23. Been to an owl cafe where you could put one of the tiny owls on your head.
    Glad there wasn’t an incident there like the one you had with it sitting on
    your arm, lol.

  24. I’m not an animal rights person by any means, I’ll take and eat slaughter
    meat any minute of the day, but I have donated some of my time doing
    volunteer building maintenance at a local raptor sanctuary for
    rehabilitating birds of prey, and the place in the video seamed wrong.

  25. Annette Celia Rosemary

    every owl: ( OvO )

  26. how does one get an owl through customs XD (rhetorical)

  27. pot owl haha

  28. arent they supposee to sleep during the day?

  29. 4:00 What are thoseeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  30. So Chris you know I’m going to have to ask you. Is that your new girlfriend
    ? :)

  31. Animal abuse is no big deal in Japan then, I guess. Anyone with eyes can
    tell those animals are extremely stressed.

  32. This so so cruel, they would rather be sleeping.

  33. Owls should not be in captivity unless they can’t survive in the wild.
    Japan is messed up. They also have penguin pets and whale endangered

  34. the bird at 2:20 is like “she said whaaaaaa?”

  35. Uhh, no. I don’t want to be that hipster on the internet but this cafe just
    seems wrong. The owls are clearly stressed being tied to stay still, bright
    flashing lights, and being touched by a lot of people.

  36. animal abuse.

  37. This video was sooo funny!!

  38. Illuminati café

  39. Wow they can live up to 30 years? that’s how long midgets live up to.

  40. Anyone else find this video hilarious? Lmfao

  41. Don’t use wild life for business.

  42. 野生動物を使うな 自然に返すべきだ

  43. But Who would like to Visit?

  44. I feel sorry for the poor birdies. They’re wild creatures that should be in
    nature. :/

  45. Looks dangerous

  46. I’m sorry but “An owl doesn’t like being fingered intensely” at 1:10

  47. You don’t see any Dog Cafes because that’s the food supply (insert Lenny

  48. ヤク中わろたww

  49. I’m I the only one that thinks Owl café’s are terrible! They shouldn’t be
    in captivity if they are healthy, its even worse because they are leashed
    like fucking dogs! They fly! And they are probably not even happy being in
    a close room all day for *Human* entertainment! If you want to interact
    with them, go to an bird rescue enclosure were they it least have some open
    space, and can fly! They might eventually see there natural habitat again
    because some birds will stay temporarily to be released to the wild
    again. Or it least be taken care of if they have a missing leg or eye for
    the rest of their life in an enclosure that will it least let them be
    unleashed! Where are the animal activist in Japan?! This is not right! SMH

  50. “An owl doesnt like being fingered intensively” (1:01)


  52. This is horrible, in my country (Costa Rica) if a person would try to start
    a cafe like this people would get so angry (like I am now) that they would
    destroy the cafe and take the owls to an animal protection institute. Here
    we have a lot of national parks where animals like these are free and just
    the fact of thinking of a place with a lot of these animals trapped inside
    a building as a cafe topic is unthinkable for our people. I like Japan and
    its culture, but I don’t like the fact that people and government accept
    this kind of place, I know is a different culture but these animals are
    nocturne and should be using their wings to fly

  53. This is so sad though, these birds are so out of place in captivity :(

  54. “An owl doesn’t like being fingered intensely”

  55. Sad…

  56. marijuana owl was my favourite

  57. What a bunch of miserable traumatized animals

  58. benjamín saravia (elbenja)

    I find these owls look unhealthy and unhappy, why are they selling them
    expensive, maybe because they are rare?

  59. Very nice to see an owl cafe!
    I plan on taking a trip to one to see if I can make my eyes as wide as
    theirs. Will make a video about it, wish me luck!

  60. Those birds remind of the Harry Potter movies, cool!

  61. Aren’t owls nocturnal creatures? Isn’t it cruel and unnatural for them to
    be kept awake during the day?

  62. 0:22 “Nigga whachu giggling for?”

  63. Chris, can you speak more in japanese in your videos?

  64. this has been like a magic!

  65. Owls should not be pets and this is a bad idea…very bad. These poor birds
    are emotionally depressed, look at them! They are not happy being there.
    Sorry Japan, you have gone too far.

  66. This café plays Shinedown? I mean… if you can’t find anything to go with

  67. I’m sure the owls are having a good life, in a room, tied sometimes, under
    strip lighting, with humans staring at them 12 hours a day…. that’s the
    life I’d like as an owl

  68. Great and very informative video once again! Personally I feel a little bad
    for those owls, a cafe is not an ideal place for wild birds, but at least
    those rescue owls have a home…. But please keep on doing videos like
    this, these things are interesting!:)

  69. “Before touching please sterilize A hand. After touching please sterilize A
    hand” XDD

  70. Aren’t owls nocturnal? How come they’re not asleep

  71. I love how the prices were also given in euros. Usually it’s just dollars
    and pound sterlings.

  72. Lol cool ima donate 569.62 Japanese Yen please create some more vids great
    as always also is that your girl friend

  73. ふくろうカフェは憂鬱な気持ちになってしまうけど、この動画は面白かった

  74. This is really sad. Those birds look terrified.

  75. I may give that a try, I can’t visit cat cafe’s because I’m allergic to
    cats. Owl does that sound? (sorry, best pun I could come up with before

  76. Is it possible to get a job in your field of study after teaching english,
    allowing you to stay for more than 5 years?

  77. “I’m not an expert on owls or on cafes but here is my uninformed opinion
    anyway” I feel like as you all typed that sentence, when you got to “but”
    you would have stopped and actually searched how to raise owls and what
    owls the cafes actually use. These owls were clearly calm around people
    which sugests through logic that they weren’t raised in the wild and
    snatched from the nest. Logic says they were raised in captivity and
    therefore would die in the wild. Do you all feel this way about cats and
    dogs? Go release your dog outside. Stop feeding it and let it roam. Oh but
    wait. They were domesticated and now depend on you. It is the same with
    these birds. They would most likely die in the wild. Some of them are
    probably rescues that can not fly anymore. They now depend on this place to
    feed them. That costs money. So they let people hold them under supervision
    by their handlers for money so they can take care of the owls. So to those
    saying they should be let out I have this question for you: would you
    rather they starve to death in the wild, or be cared for properly in a
    closed environment? You can not have the owls be free and also cared for.
    The world does not work like this. The next time you watch some animal cafe
    video, maybe take even half a second to think about the condition the
    animal is probably in before assigning human emotion to an animal. The
    establishment looked clean and the owls looked well taken care of. They
    werent scrawny and their feathers looked in good shape meaning they were
    eating well. Learn somethng about birds people.

  78. Owls definitely do remind me of stressed out cats with wings

  79. The one at 2:15 looks so stupid ^_^

  80. Is it just me, or are those owls look paranoid? Or, are most owls look like

  81. Y Kim (kimchifighter)

    Just when I thought I saw everything the world has to offer.

    concept must be stopped. OWLS ARE NOT PETS. This video shows one of
    Japanese culture’s most sadistic and cruel side: ANIMAL ABUSE. This is like
    watching a SLAVE MARKET

  83. This videos is hilarious :-)

  84. I live out in bush land in Australia and my house is basically an owl cafe
    haha had to get a huge tawny frogmouth owl out of my kitchen the other day

  85. I didn’t know that disciplining the hun was possible.

  86. That Paris owl fucking scared the crap out of me, but I was still
    hysterically laughing.

  87. This is quite sad, really

  88. This is depressing.

  89. The first time I went to an owl cafe, a Japanese mother and kid were in
    there at the same time. The mother let the kid (3-4 yr old) wrecklessly paw
    at the terrified creatures :-/ Please don’t go to these places and support
    this enslavement of wild animals.

  90. “Discipline the Hun” should be on t-shirts and coffee mugs.

  91. This was quite upsetting tbh

  92. Shaun Vent (ShaunV)

    Dude, thank you for making these videos. It’s so relaxing!

  93. ”An owl doesn’t like to be fingered intensively” Ok.

  94. Pause at 1:00. Look down at the bottom paragraph. Read from the fourth
    line. Am I just dirty minded, or…??? :S

  95. The Snowy Owl is clearly sick and injured 1:19. This pisses me off!

  96. “It’s alright. No, it’s alright, I was just portraying a madman.”

  97. Dr. Rockso the Rock & Roll Clown

    Did anyone besides me notice the sentence on the paper that said “An owl
    doesn’t like to be fingered intensely

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