Wake Up, No Time for Naps | Too Cute!

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Skittles the kitten just wants to play but not everyone is in the mood. | For more Too Cute!, visit http://animal.discovery.com/tv/too-cute-kittens/#mkcpgn=ytapl1


  1. Mina Fed The Unicorns ♥

    These videos make my day so much better. ♥

  2. Damn, Lola’s a bitch. 🙁 Skittles just wanna play with them.

  3. Great video to wake up to. c:

  4. LOL that clumsy fight =D

  5. skittles is beautiful

  6. Why can’t cats and dogs get along?


  8. omg. so cute!

  9. BrittleProductions

    Skittles <3 

  10. So cute. 

  11. this is my favorite TooCute of all time. I WANT ALL OF THEM

  12. Too cuteee!

  13. So adorable!

  14. Poor Skittles, Lola wasn’t very nice to him. :(

  15. Lola’s a little bitch!!!

    Shows what ‘haters’ dogs are!!!

  16. phirintra sucharitakul

    Skittle is so cute

  17. Sooooooo cuteeeeeeee ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Skittles Looks like my peppermint kitten! I love this vide! I keep on
    laughing lol

  19. Watch the video (check)
    Melt (check)
    Life (check)

  20. So cute! Lola wasn’t having it!

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  22. ha, animal racism. 

  23. So cute… 

  24. lol Lola’s jealous

  25. I have a GSP

  26. They are really too cute! 

  27. That’s so cute!!

  28. ҪөмҏlЄtЄ ႠRႩႽႬ

    The end was so cute

  29. SOOOOOO CUTE ????


  31. I want them all :'(

  32. lola is so like me i love naps and skittles is so energetic aww its a puppy

  33. Who in their right mind dislikes kittens!

  34. The animals are so cute! I have a cat.

  35. oh my gosh, that last shot was just so precious

  36. i need to regain my manliness, this is just too cute

  37. Lola was a mean puppy, she doesn’t deserve to be with the others. Skittles
    would’ve made a better sibling instead 

  38. Stevan Cavalcanti

    aww sooo adorable :3

  39. ‫ناصر الشملان‬‎

    It so cute

  40. ‫ناصر الشملان‬‎

    It so cute

  41. Eeeeek so so so CUTE!

  42. Howard “notmyrealnamelol” Johnson

    Wow, that’s just too cute. Kids…..

  43. Skittles is “that one friend”

  44. I honestly think that we should outlaw adorable kitten/puppy videos. The
    reason? Ain’t nothin’ getting done!

  45. My savannah cat is named Skittles! Lol she was just as mischievous as this
    Skittles as well.

  46. Andrew Shubie (Shubie416)

    Lola is a real dick to Skittles

  47. Other than its a cat. I see the confusion they all got spots

  48. Skittles: “Screw being a cat, I’M A PUPPY!”

  49. 1:03 Lola’s face

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