Waking up our puppy to his favorite song “let it go”

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Puppy wakes up to frozen

Dog howls to frozen

Dog sings

Australian shepherd, named Oakley, howls along to frozen.

Sleeping dog wakes up to let it go

Waking up our dog to his favorite song let it go

via YouTube Capture


  1. Dog wants silence.

  2. that poor poor dog, no one should have to listen to that ( not the pitch or
    volume, its just shit )

  3. please let this song go

  4. omg i died its so cute

  5. Cute 😉 🙂 ♥♡<3

  6. Summer Rexworthy

    Awwww soooooo cuttttteeeee 

  7. “let it goooooooohhhh”

  8. That is one adorable Australian Shepard puppy

  9. Natalie Alvarez

    Where did you get that harness? It is beautiful!

  10. kawaii

  11. Pup’s like “………awwwwwwwww,Dammet, that’s….my…..JAM! ARWOOOOOO!!”

  12. cute

  13. cant u people tell!? He is blood related 2 elsa!

  14. Rosa Maria Varona

    he is singing!!! 🙂 so adorable

  15. The dog loves let it go and then he went to sleep or is it or isit a


  17. I like how in the beginning when they first started playing let it go the
    pup looked around like ‘who’s playing that. This is my jam!!’

  18. aww ^___________^

  19. Heaven - Leigh Sewell

    So cute

  20. if the dog hated it s/he would cover his ears

  21. Dog song from sung funn

  22. Janos Schumacher

    Oh my god people. He likes the song. It sounds like a howl. Dogs talk. Look
    at the expression. That is recognition. It’s not hurting his ears. He’s
    even in key.

  23. Marcos Jiménez Vázquez

    Que bonito mi amor *
    Lo amo quiero un perrito así


  24. He has 1 frozen eye…

  25. the dog has good timing too, awesome video XD

  26. Oh my god y hay os so cute

  27. That is so cute that’s what I meant

  28. Thankx

  29. StormyRivers 1850

    My sister’s boyfriend showed me this.. Adorable! Your dog is beautiful and

  30. Kaitlyn Cunningham

    This makes me want to find my dog’s favorite song!

  31. Sorcerer Above The Clouds

    xD i love it when you change the song, it immediately yawns and lies down

  32. Amazing cool dogs and cute so cool

  33. he is so sweet!! and singing to it!! wow…. adorable beautiful dog…….

  34. When charli xcx comes back on the dogs be like FML

  35. aww he is singing

  36. That is so cute I want that dog??????

  37. Julicia Rodriquez



  39. What kind of dog?

  40. That was so awesome love how he was bored w the other song and wen let it
    go came on he was excited to sing

  41. that is so cute

  42. Awwww you cut it off too fast, he was about to tear the chorus up!…LOL

  43. awwwwwwww!!!! lmao! that pup is so sweet! lol, i love him!

  44. Skycatcher of nightless skies

    Please make more videos!!!??????????

  45. I love his eyes there beautiful

  46. That dog is cute

  47. That was kinda dicky ish to turn his song off while it was still playing

  48. Lol soo cute

  49. Love the little yawn the dog does when they change from Let It Go to that
    other song. xD

  50. Awwwwwwwwww so cute and funny!

  51. ╭╮╱╱╭━━┳╮╭━┳━━━╮

  52. awwwww she likes the song that is so cute….lol

  53. pretty dog

  54. ???????? so cute

  55. This never fails to make me smile!

  56. So cute shared on Facebook

  57. so cute

  58. what breed is that dog i need to know please

  59. i think he’s angry because they quit the boom clap song lol

  60. good dog

  61. That’s so cute hahaha. Clearly a Frozen fan at heart.

  62. the dog response to the looong “let it gOOOOOOOOO, can’t holding back
    anymOOOOOOOOre”, but it’s cute when the dog wakes up to the piano intro :D

  63. don’t let them in, don’t let them see, be the good dog you always have to
    be! let it dog! let it dog! can’t howl me back any more!

  64. The first several seconds were like an ASPCA commercial.

  65. ….. So funny to think she sounds like a dog..to a dog hahahaa

  66. Good Clip :)

  67. awww so adorable.

  68. He’s SO cute

  69. that’s funny lol your puppy is cute by the whay

  70. Misty “freethinker411” godless

    I have 7 Australian Shepherds, the best dogs anyone can own

  71. Misty “freethinker411” godless

    signs that something is hurting a dog’s ears: Shaking their heads
    constantly, Yawning a lot, barking not howling, moving around to try to
    escape the sound…. This dog is not in pain, if so he’d been in pain
    throughout earlier songs being played, he’s very relaxed, he’s not shaking
    his head trying to protect his ears. I imagine he’s heard this song a lot
    with his family who probably love the song which he’ll pick up on. he’s
    simply communicating and knows it pleases his master, which dogs love to
    do. I own 7 Australian Shepherds ad of now and have always owned one since
    childhood, they are very vocals dogs. example 2 of mine Trent & Navajo will
    bark and howl when ready to play ball and continue to communicate
    throughout play time, My oldest Cooper will howl the minute his food bowl
    is empty and constantly talking back to me while I’m talking to him. Breeze
    loves telling me when to wake up by coming up howling right in my face.
    they bark or howl when needing to go out to potty. I’m big on music, loud
    metal/rock and it never phases my dogs, when I song they sing and I can get
    all 7 going at once as well as dancing. people claiming this dog is In pain
    surely have no education on dogs and should consider researching before
    making such stupid claims. learn the difference in dog vocals, a good
    friendly howl from a distressed howl, a happy bark from a serious bark.
    dogs speaks several different ways to us and other dogs. as a certified vet
    tech surrounded by dogs daily as well as owning a no kill dog shelter owner
    and life long pet owner I can tell you THIS DOG IS NOT IN PAIN or
    DISTRESSED in anyway. Educate, adopt and enjoy your dog’s many ways of
    telling you their happy.

  72. Lol so cute I love your dog

  73. Este perrito no es feliz en absoluto: el aullido demuestra que hay algo en
    la musica o en la voz de la cantante que le provoca angustia. Realmente
    estoy cansada de ver gente que produce determinados sonidos y hace aullar a
    sus perros, creyendo que eso les agrada. Hay que conocer mas de los
    animales antes de intentar esas cosas con ellos.

  74. awwwwww

  75. omg

  76. Howling is one of many forms of vocal communication used by dogs. Dogs howl
    to attract attention, to make contact with others and to announce their
    presence. Some dogs also howl in response to high-pitched sounds, such as
    emergency vehicle sirens or musical instruments. just google it

  77. I watched this after it was on a puppy laugh out loud telly program! He’s

  78. that was really cool

  79. maybe pick a better song hahah, I sing better in the shower

  80. shut the f up

  81. saw this on tv searched for it strait away

  82. Aw cute it doesn’t like ovs

  83. beautiful dog, enjoying his favorite song, i just love it :)

  84. Samantha Feliciano

    guys stop at 0:10

  85. i dont get this

  86. Since my dog usually howls when he hears a police siren or to the sound of
    a car alarm or any totally annoying sound, I assume this here is a bad
    thing :)

  87. So cute!

  88. he is saying Hey! I liked that song! Whatever….. (sigh)

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