Watch: Giant pandas create trouble as staff cleans their house

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“Stay away from my basket!” A video of pandas’ daily life in a breeding base in Sichuan has amused thousands of netizens. Check out the video to find out who the “trouble makers” are when the staff cleaned the pandas’ house. 

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  1. Kamikaze Gorilla

    This is the point where I would start beating the shit out of the pandas to
    assert dominance. You wouldn’t accept this kind of behavior from a child or
    even a dog.

  2. Someone please dub this

  3. pandas are the silliest animals ever, no wonder they’re going extinct

  4. They so cute!

  5. Наталья Бобырина

    Хочу быть пандой! )))))))

  6. Wat kind of dogs wer thos?

  7. brokebackhypebeast

    she’s abusing those poor babies!

  8. Victor Almanzar


  9. где купить такую панду?

  10. Wait … did you blur an existing watermark and substitute your own?

  11. Бесчинства крАвавАй панды! СУГС однако.

  12. you guys are assholes. This woman killed herself on monday over this and
    youre still here laughing at her.

  13. Азазаззаззазазазазззз…. +++++++++++++

  14. Панды классные, гораздо лучше ебаных хохлов

  15. fuck that hoe, pandas for life

  16. Sloth on Caffeine

    This just confirms what we’ve always intuitively known: pandas have no
    respect for minimum wage workers.

  17. and ? this happens int my house with my brother and my mom, every day :P

  18. panda, panda…….. pandapandapandapandapanda

  19. Martino Voltolini

    0:21 Pandality

  20. Alexandar Müller

    I just died. ❤️


  22. that makes me a sad panda

  23. Little panda bastards

  24. Some say she is still cleaning to this day.. Haahhaha ? :p

  25. OMG my cheeks hurt and tears are rolling down my face from all that
    laughing. I think if I watch it over and over again I could die from the

  26. MyTeenLifeLoLTV

    For those of you saying the lady is not letting the pandas have fun, or the
    animals are inprisoned, you do aware that leaves will decompose right?
    Especially if they are dead leaves. Not to mention decomposed leaves will
    make dirty and unhealthy environment for the pandas. That lady is the
    caretaker of these baby pandas, it’s her job to make sure the habitat is
    clean and safe for the pandas. And she seems to be giggling around towards
    the pandas’ sillyness, so no harm done here 🙂 And the reason why these
    pandas are in zoos or animal protection program is because pandas are
    almost extinct in the wild due to their lack of natural breeding and
    illegal hunting, they’re so rare that the Chinese government have no choice
    but to create breeding programs, which they keep these pandas in animal
    sanctuaries, feed them and breed them so that the number of pandas won’t go
    extinct. These two adorable babies are the result of successful breeding ;)

  27. Adorable!! Like a mother trying to clean up after her kids. LoL??

  28. Alexandre Charpentier

    Hell piece It looks for me like deeply crazy sesult thing :>

  29. Pandemonium

  30. just take another freakin basket and let them play with that one xD

  31. ne çekti ve!?

  32. never thought i would say this but…… KEEP up the THUG life Pandas…..
    somebody add the Joint and snoop dog music please….

  33. I WANT THAT JOB!! Please???

  34. “Don’t take our leaves, bish!” :D

  35. God damn it Steve!!!

  36. If I were a minimum wage zoo cleaner and these Pandas thought it would be
    cute to screw around with me I’d just not clean up after them and let their
    feces mess build.

  37. What a clever way to ”show” the pandas….everyone’s on THEIR side and
    nobody’s on the keepers’ side!

  38. 34 dislikes must be leaf cleaners

  39. Capitano Americo

    How does Panda taste?

  40. haha..what a pair of assholes!! :)

  41. Laura Perkinson

    This is hilarious! < nice to see there are not mean

  42. thats sooooooooooooooo cute

  43. I’m sorry, there’s no way I could put up with this. She has the patience of
    a saint. I would be having panda burgers for a couple days after that

  44. lmfao they r so cute

  45. Panda thinks: But there might be bamboo in that basket!

  46. Legend speaks of legendary pandas who’s trouble making reputation was the
    stuff of legend!

  47. =)

  48. These pandas are being led to thinking a human is just a particularly
    stupid panda. They will never have a chance breeding, much less returning
    to the wild. They are doomed to be pets.

  49. I want one!

  50. Certified Basket Cases ;)!

  51. Three cute Pandas! :D

  52. probably the best job in the world.

  53. 1:55 wa so clutch :D

  54. Gregory Davidian

    вообще-то надо переселять животных из вольера перед тем как его чистить.
    по-моему, у уборщицы IQ не выше, чем у ее подопечных)

  55. а что, нельзя их сажать в тюрьму на время уборки?

  56. que du bonheur!

  57. Got broads in atlanta


    poor animal

  59. hahaha funny cats

  60. 너무귀여운거아니니?아~앙

  61. so cute ! I would like to have a panda too (:

  62. Just bring in a decoy basket

  63. Melabraca Vindson

    put the panda in the basket…

  64. panda panda panda leave our leaves alone and get out of here lady.

  65. this panda is a savage, he probably has broads in Atlanta..

  66. I Got Broads In Atlanta

  67. 1:13 “Wait, wait Miss! I’m just trying to help! LuHao, tell her!”
    “Eh?..just gimme a minute, these leaves…so fun…” xD

  68. TheMysteryManChannel

    How can a White X6 cause house troubles

  69. Can anyone translate what she’s saying?

  70. Maybe just leave the leaves in there?.. They seem to like them…

  71. Best. Job. EVER!!

  72. octaviane andracles

    Panda : “I love trolling you, and one day I will get rid of lolcats

  73. Random Channel Vids


  74. Lol…

  75. its funny how CCTV has a youtube channel when youtube is banded in China

  76. They want that basket! And they want their house dirty lol this is so

  77. They look like stuffed animals. They don’t even look real. ?

  78. the cleaner seems to be having fun. I guess thats why they dont temporarily
    relocate the pandas while she cleans the place. so that they can keep their
    minimum wage workers happy.

  79. Три панди, четверта — знімала.

  80. Que fofura

  81. lol too cute

  82. I got broads in atlanta

  83. desiigner would be proud ?

  84. I love ? pandas they’re cute??????

  85. The Panda Cub workout…

  86. Panda panda panda, I got broads in Atlanta

  87. lol. too cute! way way waaay better than the mericans in the USA.

  88. This just made my damn day❤️

  89. 3 pandas…

  90. It’s the thug life for them…

  91. wonder pandas once were human

  92. Panda Panda Panda Panda Panda Whoooooo

  93. Oh lady just let the have the it they love it

  94. Me and My momsaid they are so cute.?

  95. Leddle Leddle Lee

    Wow, what cute little assholes

  96. Pandas like noooooooooo don’t clean my house

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