We asked the groomer to give our dog Stains a “Lion Cut” –

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  1. I’m really glad everyone thinks this is so “Funny” As a Dog Breeder I
    thought it was pointless and stupid doing that to the dog considering a
    dogs skin is super sensitive to UV rays of the sun, I can see his pink skin
    so I really hope you used sunscreen a few times a day every day until it
    grows back. Again you wouldn’t need to use sunscreen if you weren’t so
    irresponsible in the first place. Sun burn for a dog is about 100 times
    more painful as there skin is super sensitive (PINK SKIN).

  2. Alberto Rodriguez

    that’s so cruel

  3. I really hope you got your money back…this cut is terrible! Tail is all
    wrong , feathering on ” mane” is non existant…front legs arent
    shaved….poor dog appears embarrassed , but not as embarrassed as the
    groomer should be…who was it? Just so ill never taje my pets
    there….great laugh tho…

  4. dog is like: whyyyyy, whats so funnyyyy 🙁

    you are mean

  5. I’m digging the lion look. But mostly loving that you named him “Stains”
    just so you could shout “Come Stains!!”

  6. 0:27 Stains just looks at you like “…Leave me in peace, man”

  7. This is so funny, I fell over. XD

  8. Groomer didnt know how to fade ?

  9. I cannot stop laughing. Oh man my stomach hurts.

  10. lol the dog of course has no awareness of what is happening

  11. Seems legit…

  12. Hilarious. What breed of dog is stains? Hes adorable

  13. “Come stains! Come stains! Come boy!” anyone get it? No? Okay…

  14. idk whats funnier, this guys laugh, or tha fact that his dogs name is

  15. Such a weird video. Poor dog. 

  16. Lol too cute. They should have had the mane above the shoulder it would of
    looked better.

  17. Poor dog looks sad now 🙁 

  18. Come Stains!


  20. Behold the almighty LionDog. Many dog. Such lion. Very danger. Wow.

  21. Your laugh is contagious and EFFIN hell that is funny. Props to the groomer
    that took it a step further!

  22. That laugh!

  23. Hilarious!

  24. Lao “we” u mean u r wife lol

  25. Poor dog and really stupid owner!

  26. Bullet Tooth Tony

    Pathetic trolling in the comments. Dogs have no fucks to give. 

  27. this makes me a little sad. Not about the haircut, but that he is being
    followed around when he clearly knows he is being ostracized for some
    reason that he can’t necessarily figure out. some dogs are more sensitive
    than others. 


    nice video
    I am new on youtube and want to make friends.

  29. downloading dog.exe 50% complete

  30. LOL 

  31. The laugh is hysterical!!!

  32. Hahahahahahaha. I don’t know who’s funnier, the dog with the ridiculous
    hair cut or the guy’s laughter.

  33. I think that was funny too.. its just hair. It will grow back. Ur not
    harmming ur pet by beena bit silly in is hair cut.. we has humans we do
    silly things with are kids hair or in are hair.too.. thats cool u lov ur
    pet.. thanks for sharing.. bless you.. :)

  34. Jaime Gallagher Billiel

    LOL! Poor Stains!!!!!!!!!

  35. His laugh is contagious.

  36. “Laughing at your dog is going to make him self-conscious/depressed.”

    ^ If I see this kind of asinine comment one more time…..

  37. Rotten Bloodyshit

    wow That’s fucked up

  38. Who fckin does this to his dog ,,,,

  39. Perfect just perfect

  40. The dog is like, “what? What are you laughing at?” 

  41. Although I shared in the laugh I’m not sure If I feel sorry about his looks
    or his name when you call him.

  42. pathetic little dog,it must be very depress

  43. Read a few of the comments and cannot believe no one stated the
    obvious…..what do your neighbors think when you stand on your porch
    calling your dog? “Come Stains, come Stains” And you haven’t gotten run
    out of the neighborhood?

  44. Omg bad owner!11!!! Laughing at your own dog so mean!1 animal abuse, can’t
    you see the dog is in pain?!1$;81!1!!11 

  45. Lol you’re dog’s name is Stains. When you call it you probably say “cum
    stains, cum stains” hahahaha sorry i’m really high and this is super funny
    to me right now

  46. I just woke everyone up in the house!!

  47. That was not funny man because dogs are like humans, they eat , sit, drink,
    walk, go to the bathroom, and sleep like us, man, what’s your problem

  48. If you look real close you can see they own a lion.

  49. What have you done to me look lol

  50. Lol poor dog

  51. Well, at least one person thought it was funny…

  52. What breed is stains

  53. What type of dog is this :O

  54. super cute ^.^ awww <3

  55. FarfalleAlfredo

    The great thing about hair/fur…it grows back. I had to have one of my
    cats belly fur shaved because of excessive matting. No matter how much she
    was brushed, we just couldn’t keep up with the matting. A couple months
    later and you’d never know she’d been shaved.

  56. Nitinai Krulamphu (UmiKaze)

    The dogs like
    “I hate my fuckin life”

  57. Markku Hänninen

    haters gonna hate, i think this is awesome and funny as hell!

  58. I’m just laughing cuz the guy is laughing

  59. DatAwesomeCottonee

    Of course, some really immature people named their dog “Stains” just so
    they could say, “Come, Stains!” Ugh.

  60. Barber: What haircut would you like me to perform on your dog today?
    Him: Make my dog look like a lion!
    Barber: Say no more…

  61. Are you by any chance Red Peter’s fans?

  62. I can’t decide which is funnier, the dog or the laughing man.

  63. the laughing somehow makes this vid 100x better

  64. Blake Babineaux

    cute and silly lion dog :3

  65. when the laugh is funning than the video…

  66. This is to funny. Dogs are the best!

  67. This video instantly cheers me up ?

  68. Welcome-to-the-fandom

    For all you people who are hating on this guy, stop. The dog is fine. Yes
    the guy is laughing at his dog but all that dog knows is that his beloved
    owner is laughing and happy because of him! That’s what good dogs care
    about. I have done things to my dog and I will sit and laugh my ass off and
    my dog just sits and wags it tail like every thing is perfect in the world.
    For you people saying that this man is harming the dog and stuff, well you
    obviously never owned a dog! 

  69. im laughing with you!
    its amazing how some people will do anything to find the negative in
    something and if they cant they will create stories in their minds until
    they actual start to believe them over actual reality.. the dog got a
    hair cut and it is funny..no harm no foul. so.go bitch somewhere else
    please, you are ruining all the fun

  70. XoxRobloxGirlXox


  71. Vivienne the Vicious

    I feel so bad for cackling at this dog and its shaved butt.

  72. Hear me ROAR!

  73. Seal Phantombeehive

    I feel so sorry for the dog but I keep laughing 

  74. cute! …looks like he was halfway dipped into a tank of piranhas

  75. King Mufasa! :D


  77. when I’m sad, I come and watch this video

  78. someone call PETA!!!

  79. This video just brightened my day:)

  80. shaving a dog too close to its skin can give it infections and irritation.
    Its okay to do it once in a while but don’t make a habit of it. Your lion
    is very cute.

  81. You have a great laugh.

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