We Fostered Rescue Dogs For Two Weeks • Ladylike

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Bucky’s still got his balls.

We are so excited to have you here. Lady test, lady stay-tuned.

Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/15455

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  1. Why didn’t the rescuers notice that Earl had ticks?

  2. Ladylike builds wells/schools in Africa!!!!!

  3. Did anyone else notice that Dino/Atticus had a cage under Devin’s desk in their shaving on the go video?

  4. is shampooing and putting the dog in a cage an american thing? i’ve had dogs for 19 years an we only wash them if the’ve been rolling around in mud or something – and even then, only with water and i’v never heard or seen anyone who puts their dog in a cage…

  5. Everything happens for a reason. Chantel wanted Earl, but Freddie took him. Chantel got Frank, and Frank helped her parent’s dog Linda, and loved Chantel. 🐶🐶

  6. Why did she change Oreos name like that’s such a cute name!

  7. why do they only pull small dogs from shelters? big dogs deserve to live and have homes too

  8. 1:00 I have never met a cat that is okay with people touching its stomach. I would have my hand literally shredded

  9. Meredith Is Lame

    Frank the doggo is my spirit animal. No doubt.

  10. Okay but earl looks so similar to my dog and his whine sounded the exact same as mine that I was absolutely crushed when she didn’t take him and I was so over protective over him out of the three

  11. I am literally Chantel when she was like “thank you to my parents for adopting frank or else I would’ve been a mess”

  12. Ok but what about big dogs… they are 95% of what’s killed at the shelters.

  13. Why isn’t Bucky/Frankie neutered? That’s the first thing our rescue does when we get new dogs in.

  14. HEY FREDDIE! You probably won’t see this, but if you do, I work with the rescue who has Shinobu. We’re so sorry things didn’t work out with him, but now that you’ve tried fostering, we hope you know 100% that he’s well loved in his foster care situation, and he has lots of cool friends who are dealing with similar situations, including another fella who has Shinobu’s exact same problem. They’re friends. His friend is Midnight Magic. He’s also friends with Dirigible, who’s got chronic issues and can’t be adopted out. Shinobu does a great job of avoiding Chuck Norris, a cat with a chronic eye thing who has a thing about bapping other cats on the head. Other cats have not been so smart but Shinobu is. You are NOT cursed. And if at any time you feel ready for a new cat friend, we hope you’ll come back and we’ll hook you up with a good-luck cat.
    Love from everybody at Southern California Cat Adoption Tails <3
    P.S. If you do come back, come on a Sunday so our Ladylike fan volunteers can help you out 🙂

  15. I feel like they should have gone straight for elderly dogs.. I have two 13 year old pugs and they are so chill they love everyone and all they want to do is snuggle and sleep.

  16. I think it’s great that LadyLike did this to help promote the shelter and adoption of dogs. What I am disappointed in is the shelter. It bothers me that Earl did not have a thorough exam that included looking through his fur for dermatological issues such as fleas and ticks and they didn’t apply flea and tick prevention in the shelter beforehand. Another thing that bothers me is that Frank was not neutered and that they were treating him for bordetella and they did not have Chantel keep him isolated from other dogs, it is highly infectious. Plus, not every bordetella case requires antibiotics so I hope they properly tested him before giving him antibiotics.

  17. Dino was in the razor video

  18. i would be the person to buy a big ass house just to adopt like 30 dogs (maybe more)

  19. why wasn’t Frank neutered? don’t shelters usually spay and neuter dogs to prevent overpopulation? what in dog fornication

  20. Who else is a dog lover here? I am… my dogs are watching nhl game 6 right now. lol

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