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Move over Hoff, there are new guards on this beach. And they’ve taken slow motion running to the next level. Welcome to PUPWATCH.


  1. first comment

  2. They puppy

  3. Song of the year right there

  4. You can always find quality content on the animal planet channel

  5. how much will you guys take to find a hot bitch for my dog

  6. This is adorable!

  7. PUPWATCH has made our Friday!

  8. Oceanstar Galaxyclan

    How can you dislike this vid

  9. What are those dogs that “wear the little green socks in the yard”? Like
    chihuahuas or pomeranian? Maybe a chi-pom mix? Cute

  10. so cute!

  11. I just want to cuddle with them! ❤

  12. puppy crack

  13. So adorable

  14. I don’t know what asshole managed to make a playlist in my account but you
    should really stop fucking these animals.

  15. Florencia Fernandez Vaquinzay


  16. HetaFruitsOuranHp321

    I swear they wrote this while watching the edited clips together.

  17. After watching the horrifying monsters inside me this shall calm me down

  18. i love too cute

  19. With special guest star: Martha Shepard

  20. Ta'Lisa Turner-Pitts

    this is the best video I’ve ever seen in my life

  21. slow motion puppies yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaahhhh

  22. hi

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