What happens when my wife leaves me alone with our baby

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My wife left me with our baby…


  1. He sounds like the Joker when he laughs….

  2. Lmao thats great

  3. Fine brothers brought me here!

  4. That’s got to be the cutest most evil looking baby I’ve ever seen

  5. That baby is so fsdngkipfnosgnb cute!

  6. so cute

  7. This truly is the cutest timeline!

  8. Marisol Sosa-Carver

    So good hahaha

  9. Not Draven… DRAAAAAAVEN

  10. EvilMagic135 Offical

    Looks like Baby Lucifer.

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  12. Прикольное видео! мне понравилось, умничка!) Вообще уважаю труд тех кто
    делает видео, и ведет свои каналы. Я сама веду канал и знаю, как это
    непросто – записывать ролики.
    Не останавливайся, продолжай!

  13. +allison moon 

  14. say what you want, its the second coming of the guy who made Pringles.

  15. SuperMegaUberGenius

    they learn to be better than you?

  16. What the baby was trying to say was “AHHHOYYYY MAT’EHHHH!”

  17. Aesomeeeeeeee

  18. its V for Very cute

  19. Where did you buy the teleguided lorry from, my friend?

  20. rullyanto pahroen

    so cute,… just like my little baby..

  21. Epic.. I have a 6month old myself.. definitely trying this tonight… LOL

  22. Jonathan Johnson

    Jack sparrow 

  23. This has nothing to do with trying to get your baby to sleep. It’s of
    someone putting eyebrows & a mustache on him/her

  24. Lemmy Will Be Missed

    lol I love it. There are 644 soulless people out there.

  25. Oh she so cute.

  26. Cool, but my hand would not have risen making fun of my son

  27. So cute lol

  28. can i use it on my channel bro??

  29. happy kids channel

    Very good video :))

  30. This video fills me with much joy, thanks for sharing :)

  31. Knives Williams

    The baby loves it. You love it. I love it. Awesome parenting.

  32. That is the cutest baby I have ever seen on Youtube.

  33. Max Teichelmann

    Remember, remember the poop of november

  34. cute!!

  35. Your baby look so cute!!!!# from NYC 

  36. He’s so adorable 

  37. Omgosh that was too cute!! Adorable!! :)

  38. wow 673 people didn’t like this, man your parents must have not loved you
    that much

  39. Well, at least the baby enjoys it?

  40. Sun_Jupiter_Mars

    AW!! Sweet! The kid will have such a laugh looking back!
    So What The Hell??? 600+ people with a thumbs down?
    Who cares, right?

  41. Jorden Dougherty

    Omg its a mini old mario

  42. Awww omg!?? baby☺️

  43. LOL Hahahahah!! Naughty daddy! XD

  44. danielle studney

    ?so cute

  45. And then in the washing machine…

  46. awww lol thats so cute

  47. The baby wants this fool daddy to remove this shit from his face. It’s very
    clear at the end.

  48. Smritilekha Chakraborty

    This is so innocent, cute & funny at the same time. Loved it.

  49. Piglette Фан Клуб

    Класс. Посмотрите. Мне понравилось, а что еще у Вас есть?

  50. Javad Emirates Pilot

    cute :-)

  51. Hailee The Ultimate Gamer

    Sir, will you be my new father? Thanks

  52. Aww…this is awesome….

  53. Cameron Azzopardi

    The future leader is Anonymous confirmed

  54. OK, I love you dad and this baby face is killing me….

  55. Daddy, that’s just so wrong…but totally hysterical!!

  56. haha! this is prolly what I would happen if I was a father xD.

  57. SO CUTE

  58. i could imagine the kid looking back on this video and asking why did they
    do this to them

  59. aww he so cute xx

  60. Lol, that’s proper funny 

  61. Młody Jacyków :O

  62. my god..poor baby?????

  63. Just wait until her 21st birthday and daddy brings that out… lol

  64. poor baby lololol so cute!
    i love it when babies do thos cute little screams omg so cute

  65. JesusReallyDoesLoveYou dot com
  66. Aww bless. So adorable

  67. to cute and the baby seems to be enjoying it a lot just as much as Dad

  68. Philippinesisasiontoo!

    Dude this is like my dad when you give him an eyebrow pencil and leave him
    with my brother

  69. This is such a dad joke…

  70. naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, poor baby, lol

  71. My heart..can’t take it! :o

  72. LOL so cute!

  73. Christine Naysh Suarez

    HAHAHAHAHAHAXDDD adorably funny!

  74. id do that to my kids lol

  75. Laughed till tears rolled down my eyes.

  76. he’s soooo cute

  77. adorably funny

  78. 진짜 미친듯이이쁘다

  79. lol taht was funny boy or girl

  80. Cute and funny .

  81. hahahahahaha o m g poor baby so cute

  82. Why is it “wife left dad alone with baby”That makes it sound like dads only
    do the work when mom cant or that dad babysits the baby! So annoying!Moms
    need to step DOWN! And let dad step UP! Moms back off!

  83. Hahaha!!!! Why???? Why!!!! Hahahaha

  84. Name the channel NOT perfect daddy

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