What Your Senior Cat Might Be Thinking

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Do you know what your senior cat is thinking? You’d be surprised at the answer or how the tuna affected his digestion…

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The CATastrophes Web Series is a hilarious, cat-centric weekly comedy show featuring cat tips, recreations of viewer-submitted cat stories and scripted content of cats appearing in unexpected situations!

Many of our episodes bring attention to a topic in animal welfare or spotlight a rescue that’s saving lives. In fact, many of the cat actors and extras are available for adoption from local Chicago rescues!


  1. I’d adopt a cat- if my mom let me T.T

  2. meowverlous!! ?

  3. senior cats rock. at least that’s what my 11 year old cat told me.

  4. So true! My senior cat jumps up on the table and tries to eat my food. But
    it’s so cute that I don’t want to scold her ?

  5. 0 dislikes so far XD

  6. Other then the problem of staring mortality in the face, I enjoyed caring
    for my senior cat.

  7. My 16 year old kitty is still going strong. Besides for some arthritis, she
    still runs and jumps around like a kitten.

  8. Alexis Farrell-Price

    so cute???????????

  9. how often do you post videos?

  10. Cats don’t get old ..they get longer whiskers…

  11. looks like he has hearts in both eyes

  12. Mine is 12 and for the most part it’s hard to tell he’s a day over 6. He
    just doesn’t like to go outside at all anymore, which is fine by me!

  13. If you died, our dog would not eat your face off, but your cat would.

    All you cat people projecting all kinds of shit onto your cats are just

  14. Tokugawa Heavy Industries

    Malarkey that any cat is sorry they shat in a shoe. That card should’ve
    said “What have I told you about leaving your shoes where I shit?”

  15. I have two cats

  16. I have two cats

  17. I’m done with this cat phenomenon these days.
    It’s time to give back the lime light to dogs again…
    the only pets that actually truly cares about their owners.

  18. oh man. my hair stylist has 3 cats, one of them is 18 years old, one is
    about 9 or 10 maybe. and one is about 5

  19. you could say this was meowverlous

  20. I like turtles?

  21. So cats are just like girls?

  22. Bilbo Saggins (Sans' Love Interest)

    Cats are best! Woo!

  23. Cats are awesome they have personality.when one of my champion breed passed
    away at 15,I went to the shelter to pick a older cat out,they give you a
    pad and paper and write down the number on the cage,the cats you want to
    interact with.The first cat I looked at gave me the attitude like the
    minute you take me home I’m taking off dude,The next cat they open up the
    cage he ran up and head butted me,at that moment I knew he was the one.Long
    story short I still have him now and he’s awesome.

  24. This sounds like Blackmill.

  25. i hate chiks with cats – you cant sneak out without the damn cat waking
    then up

  26. Marylee B. Alvarez

    Funny <3

  27. 1:01 did anyone else hear that? Lol

  28. Lol yeah my cat is really old too, he is 15 years old.

  29. My cat looks exactly like the one in the video. He is 18 yrs old now and
    totally Alzheimers. He stares a lot at nothing, has few teeth, only eats
    raw hamburger and smells like rotting fish and usually has like 6 inch
    drools hanging from his moth, his fur is patchy also hates everyone.
    Otherwise he is OK : )

  30. Jesus Christ loves you repent of your sins and seek Him.

  31. My caleco is 15 she’s always been a diva, let’s the other cats know who’s
    in charge Lol.

  32. ThatAnonymousUser132

    Why is the comments section full of crazy people.

  33. Thanks for the being the voice of silver kitties everywhere. Sometimes
    humans forget or don’t know that elders of all species need a little extra
    love and understanding as the body matures; you did it very well and made
    us smile in the process.

  34. DaydreamingArtist322

    It would be awesome if animals really could speak to us like this.


    my dad said i need to get better at working towards goals and he knows i
    really want a puppy he said that if i make it to 1000 subs he will give me
    the permission to get one PLEASE CAN YOU HELP OUT, I KNOW I WOULD ?!

  36. I got a cat add before this

  37. really silly video

  38. one cat is hopping around , why?

  39. That was just dumb

  40. Nancy Nicolai (Red)

    Well, My Sasha is now 16 years old and she told me that she likes to sit in
    the nice warm sunshine? & do nothing but watch the kids and other animals
    play outside because she mostly just doesn’t have the energy except when
    she does then Sasha starts running around just a little for about a half
    hour or so then she’s pooped out until tomorrow and she needs a little help
    getting up onto things because she can’t jump like she used to but I’ll do
    just about anything for her & when she hurts it just kills
    me!!!?????????ps. she luvs chocolate, or anything with sugar???

  41. I you don’t like cats , please don’t watch the videos…cat’s are very
    loving and loyal

  42. sorry I meant IF you don’t like cat’s…

  43. rubber duky (fade2black)

    Loved the last part with the shoe, that dude was funny with the acking
    noises ;)

  44. My cat is 8 yrs and acts like this…I’m doomed

  45. I swear this is true… as I was sitting here watching I heard a little
    chirrup noise from behind me. Turn around, and my 11 y/o cat is standing
    there with that look that says “FEED ME”. It’s like he knew…

  46. any reptilians here? hissssssssss

  47. i have a russian blue and his name is tom and his is 6 years old ,he is an
    adorable old cat ^-^

  48. Raise your hand if you expected a cat with a Spanish accent and are
    slightly disappointed. “Senor Cat shall now dance into your soul, with the
    rhythm of his people (felines).” *Maracas intensify*

  49. Deus e fiel

  50. This video made me realize my cats mortality. Her name is Toonces and she
    is over 10 years old now and I have no idea what I will do when I lose
    her…. My girlfriend and I also permanently foster an adorable 15 year old
    cat with a traumatic brain injury (her name is dawn- she survived getting
    hit by a car and was at Fieldhaven Feline Rescue for over a year sitting
    unadopted). Senior kitties need the most love

  51. Being an older cat is being the living embodiment of a mood swing. You
    cannot figure us out. You lose by even trying to play the game.

  52. This is so cute!!! Thx for making it and for making all the other hilarious
    videos. ?

  53. lmao the shoe. still laughing. hahahaha

  54. This reminds me of my little old man cat. He was a black cat too and he
    recently pasted away but he was spoiled even though he was a trouble maker.
    I miss his antics, his trouble making kept life instresting haha.

  55. our family cat has the same look and thought on her mind for the last 17
    years, I will kill the dog but first a nap then some food then another nap

  56. My cats 16 years old lmao

  57. why cat videos are so popular on youtube

  58. Lol cute

  59. My 20year old senior baby girl (yes i still see her as a kitten) is
    sweet,kind but really demanding with her food!!!! I give here everything
    she wants and the vet allows her to eat. Also, if she fights with my
    younger cat i always take her side even if she started the fight… Animals
    get old as we do and as they do they need extra care,love and
    attention.Perfect video and very very beautiful cat!

  60. Couldn’t care any less for cats. Total disgrace to the Animalia Kingdom.

  61. I love this!! I have a 15 year old kitty. Yes…they do get whatever they
    want :)

  62. That is cute my cat is almost 11. 77 in Cat years. Longest time I have had
    a cat. Her cousin is like 16 so they are very senior cats.

  63. Oh, I love that cat. I had one that could be its twin for 17 years….
    still miss him, had to put him down last Halloween. Cats rule, dogs drool.
    thank you.

  64. Yes. Fine these purrpetrators!

  65. Wizard Brackenbury

    Joe Biden 2016

  66. thelastoneontheplane

    what happened to the underwear drawer..

  67. Adorable 3 ~~~

  68. I’m watching this with my 23yo feline, Sylvester. He had a bit of a health
    scare about six months ago; otherwise, he is doing great for his age. He
    eats one type of canned food(from vet), and that’s it, as he has no real
    teeth left. He’s still real active, goes outside daily, can climb up to get
    water in sink, and fights off our 6yo. I love old cats….

  69. lol this is so funny

  70. I love your channel just subbed

  71. I would defiantly adopted a cat but I already have 3

  72. That cat seems like such a bitch.

    AND I like cats..

  73. my cats is 18 years he’s my family’s oldest

  74. Cats.

  75. Nice Vid…….

  76. Looks and acts just like my cat, Max!! He ‘s 4. Black cats Rock!!

  77. Wow! That flipped me out! We have a 12 year old lady tabby who recently had
    to have her back left leg amputated. Your cat who hopped through in the
    kitchen scene might be her relative!

  78. Tuna and gas. The struggle continues.

  79. Why was that one cat limping?

  80. Kill him

  81. Just imagine that Texan guy who had his cat for over 38 years. That’s the
    same age Neil Armstrong was when he walked on the Moon.

  82. ♡ ♡ ♡

  83. Lol lol lol lol

  84. you seriously wasted your life making these? I feel sorry for you and now
    you’ve wasted a part of mine. asshat.

  85. your cats are great at their acts in each videos ?

  86. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    When he shows you his butthole he’s thinking “I got your Cat Ass Trophy
    right here!”

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