What’s That Noise? | Too Cute!

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Alice sets out to track down a mysterious noise and has an adventure along the way. | For more Too Cute!, visit http://animal.discovery.com/tv/too-cute-kittens/#mkcpgn=ytapl1


  1. First!!

  2. The cuteness!! IT BURNS >_<

  3. I miss the kitten meows! So cute 😀 My fat old cats don’t meow much anymore

  4. walkoART♔♕♚Videos

    Very cuuuuute:)

  5. Sooo cute! :D

  6. Hey animal planet people can u reply to me saying hi Kate? Please

  7. Aww

  8. So cool and cute

  9. what fluffy cuties =)

  10. Soo cute ! 

  11. Cutest fluffy creatures i have eva seen !!!!

  12. So cute!

  13. Alice, why are you and other Burmese kittens so cute?

  14. I love too cute!!!!! :)

  15. OMG!!!! It’s just…TOO CUTE!!!!!

  16. Aawwwww:3

  17. So cute

  18. Aww too cute 

  19. 😀 aww

  20. I almost died laughing of cuteness 

  21. ❤Snowwhitedove7❤

    this is sooo cute !!!!!

  22. Look at those faces. So cute.

  23. i want CHIIPPP! TOO CUTE”

  24. FlyingMonkeySuperfy

    awwwwww TOO CUTE

  25. Awww, the cute little fluffies!!

  26. Oh…..

  27. Awwww…. This should be called WAY too cute!!

  28. AWWWW Alice’s meow is adorable

  29. Stephanie Delatorre

    They are so cute

  30. Soooooo cute

  31. Is it weird if I find kittens and puppies more adorable than little babies?

  32. BrittleProductions

    Good luck on your hunt, Alice! 

  33. Aww! They are all so cute and adorable :)

  34. This entire episode is on Animal Planet on Demand on Cox. I wish there
    were more Too Cute Kitten episodes on Demand. Who can we write to make
    that happen?

  35. I want them…all of them >_<

  36. ban nao co bai dich loi noi trong doan nay ko? cho minh vooi minh nghe hoai
    ma ko hieu lam…minh hoi yeu anh van nen muon cai thien ky nang nghe.
    thanks cac ban.

  37. every time i watch this i get this overwhelming rage to go out and buy a
    cat or dog..

  38. I love all the Too Cute kitten’s show’s !!

  39. I wonder if these videos are scripted? As if they set the animals up to go
    certain places, etc.

  40. I dont lake cats but i think kittens are adorable

  41. Awwwwww

  42. alice is so cute mewww

  43. I really should stop watching them, and get back to work.. :3

  44. Alice is my favorite

  45. Mr. Bricks For Kicks

    :33< *AC mews in happiness and swishes her tail furrom side to side happily* oh, how furry and adorable kittens are! i just wanna cuddle them up! h33h33h33

  46. Such beautiful cats including the mother

  47. Must.. stop.. Clicking.. Baby animal.. Videos!

  48. How did I get from epic fails to this!

  49. to cute my daughter is almost two, and she loves animals she meows like a
    cat and makes doggie sounds to lol , she is very gentle petting them to
    much cuteness!

  50. Jean the Shiny Umbreon

    So……CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!!! *dies of cutness 5 seconds after*

  51. These things would make great children’s books

  52. Love these videos!!!

  53. Howard “notmyrealnamelol” Johnson

    Kind of cute.

  54. 2:21 OMG IM DYING 

  55. When the kitten was climbing the cube thing, I found myself clenching my
    fists and and yelling “Come on, you can do it” (Although in danish)… I
    may need a break from cute animal videos.

  56. Am i the only one that thinks the mom is more beautiful?

  57. Alice was thinking “I can’t believe I’m related to those other 2 bitches”

  58. Alice. Curious. Lives up to her name

  59. When Alice asks her brothers to join her with a cute “mew?” ???? OH MY

  60. Please drop dead if you don’t like kitten videos… Thank you!

  61. cute little kittens

  62. Tahneek Binte Kayum

    wish i was like zach king i would just pull the kittens out of my tab

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