What’s Wrong Millie? | Too Cute!

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Millie the pup is all in a fuss and everyone is at a loss in what to do, until Millie finds a way to soothe herself. | For more Too Cute!, visit http://animal.discovery.com/tv/too-cute-kittens/#mkcpgn=ytapl1


  1. Ooohhh myyyyy goodddd!!!!! Iam dying of cutenesss!!!!

  2. Hà Lê Thị Thu

    Chu cho nho dang yeu

  3. BrittleProductions

    There aren’t many things in life that are better than a pile of puppies 🙂 

  4. Anywhere I can watch full episodes online?

  5. Her teeth are growing and she needed to chew on something.

  6. Nutella&Kittens Cake&Skittles

    either millie was fussy because she wanted to play or maybe because of the
    cat but I think because she wanted to play

  7. This really made me laugh to cute

  8. Dulguun Usukhjargal

    Haha tooo cute.

  9. 1:10
    Cat: Getting real tired of your shit, Millie. XD

  10. Best scene mom
    W ball

  11. “The young mom was at a loss”
    “Dad Oliver is even more lost”
    ….”And the cat’s just getting annoyed” 

  12. Sweetpea Chickpea

    awwww… it’s all too much. All babies need to learn how to self-soothe,
    babies are so forgetful and often fuss over what seems to be nothing ^_^

  13. Did she have to pee?

  14. Sebelle Sharmine Ho

    I like how the dad really had the face of a dad

  15. Good story, animal planet. :-/

  16. Aww sweetie pie

  17. My name is Millie not kidding

  18. Cute

  19. 1:06 at that moment i was really lost

  20. Maybe its the cat…

  21. “and the cats are getting annoyed” lmao

  22. AmazingWorldOfKatherine


  23. I have a Maltese that looks just like Oliver

  24. I have no idea how I ended up here I was searching for potty training tips,
    cause I am going to get a puppy soon.




  27. I love that the mom, dad and cat all look like they’re actually confused
    and annoyed when the camera turns to them lmao

  28. That cat’s annoyed face was ridiculously hilarious!

  29. Mistre “Buttery Smooth” Flayvor


  30. SO CUTE!!!!

  31. GerardRockMyWorld

    I love how millie’s fussing and then she goes “ball?”

  32. Probably fussing cuz she wants the ball!

  33. whirlpoolriding

    The cat’s reactions had me rolling.

  34. lol they look like hairy seals with ears!

  35. I think she’s teething? 

  36. I want to pet your dogs and my friend wants to pet them to.

  37. che carini quei piccolini è la mia razza preferita il labrador

  38. tooooo cute ;)

  39. 0:47 those 2 puppies have the same body. Adorable

  40. Oliver is like dang it I should have got that sugary done

  41. They r so cute????

  42. I am in in love with this teething bundle of preciousness!

  43. Oliver was like bruh

  44. Madison Holland

    Can’t stop laughing

  45. It’s like a couple with their kids at a restaurant
    *baby cries*
    “The young mom is at a loss”
    “Dad is even more lost”
    “And the cat (everyone else) is just getting annoyed”

  46. The mum dog is so clever. When the puppies where sleeping, the mum knew the
    ball might wake them up. So she takes it away. So clever!!!

  47. Hinata “Love me Or Hate me” Uchiha

    too cute

  48. Hinata “Love me Or Hate me” Uchiha

    But who dislikes puppies they are so cute 38 dislikes which are sad people
    who don’t know what they are doing and 2,747 people who like puppies
    including me and us people who like puppies are happy souls who know what
    we are doing

  49. I love dogs ??

  50. I bet the puppy was crying because she was teething. Poor puppy, but so

  51. Do u have some more puppies left for 2015 I gust looked it this

  52. Shut up all are cute

  53. 41 cats disliked this

  54. TOO CUTE!!!! ;3

  55. did you ever figure out what the problem was

  56. the puppy that tried to start walking but was like “screw it” that’s me

  57. 1:05 Oliver doesn’t know what action to do. XD

  58. She is super duper cute all of them

  59. those puppies are so cute

  60. The baby maltise puppy millie ???? I want one

  61. Awe

  62. I have a Maltese mixed with a poodle too she is 1 years old her name is
    bella ??

  63. SO CUTE!

  64. I don’t know much about puppies at this stage, but maybe she was cutting a

  65. the dads face??

  66. probably teething then the ball helped some how

  67. mom is always there for us<3

  68. She’s prob teathing

  69. so adorable :3

  70. soooooooooooooo cute

  71. soooooooooooooo cute

  72. it is so much cute

  73. I hate the people who dislike this? just don’t watch lifeless human

  74. Nyan Valentines cat

    Mardo you are not geting a mollte

  75. Nyan Valentines cat

    Mardo you love Maltese?

  76. Nyan Valentines cat


  77. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  78. Nyan Valentines cat

    The cat is like “oh come on Mille shutup”

  79. i think that the puppy was wanting to play

  80. I love puppies

  81. adorable

  82. dat face is like the “inexperienced” 25 years old parents XD

  83. shes spoiled hehehe

  84. there are so cute

  85. Woo cute ?

  86. Millie is afraid of the cat…

  87. Praise the LORD for His amazing creation!!!

  88. So cute????????????????? I just want to hold them???

  89. ì tink that the cat was the one because when the cat purr.

  90. What channel is Animal Planet? Anyone?

  91. I have a Maltese and a King Charles breed puppy?

  92. I cried because its cute

  93. So cute

  94. I can’t help it it’s so cute❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????

  95. Lol yal comments are too funny

  96. They’re all so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I would take them all and just
    hug and kiss them. Mom and Dad and kitty included.?

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