When love from brothers, Seamus and Angus, takes an unexpected turn.

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Shorthaired Exotic Persian Cat Brothers


  1. HanPansGameDiary's


  2. Cat love is like a 44 magnum, and it will lick your face clean off.

  3. WHY CANT I QUIT YOU?!?!??!?

  4. Me muerooo de amooorr! Q le pasaba?! ???

  5. tamara huiracocha

    cats..!! pretty

  6. Yaaaassssssss

  7. Caitlin Mcentire

    Beware, for I will nom thy face! Fear meeeeehh!!!!!!

  8. My Names not your Business


  9. Fabiana Chuquimia

    jejeej que tierno. :)

  10. Morrisseys Quiff

    he’s taking brotherly love a bit too far

  11. A shocking example of catibalism. 

  12. craycraypenguin 210

    cuteness over 3000

  13. Katniss Thunder Paw

    Best bromance in the world!!

  14. Adorable!!!


  15. So cute… awwwwwwww

  16. Мордашки красивые )))

  17. This is when my brother wants to get revenge on me. He eats my face.

  18. Maureen Sanburn

    Cute, cute, cute! The boys are just darling!

  19. combinecommando001

    I didn’t know that Jamie Hyneman had an identical twin which he loved so

  20. “Charge Bit Me” cat edition

  21. Getting a little too touchy feely eh? 

  22. Ouch seamus it hurts

  23. So much love!

  24. Beautifully Broken

    Your brother is always the first male friend you will have in your life.
    Nobody will ever be able to understand your craziness like your brother and
    although you don’t see each other as much as you’d like, he will always
    remain your friend and be there for you when you need him the most. While
    people will come and go in your life, your brother will be in your heart
    for a lifetime.

  25. Here it feelings

  26. If Theodore Roosevelt was reincarnated as a cat…

  27. Fabby CrookedPole

    LOVE ME!

  28. “Me love you looooong time.”

  29. They are so cute

  30. They remind me of Garfield but they are so cute!

  31. Spookylady InSanDiego

    Oooooooo, look at their smooshy little faces!!!!

  32. bossotron Grainger


  33. Saving Miss Caroline has a puppy…

  34. French kiss to the max

  35. hahahahah xD how cute

  36. Cat turns in to zombie at 0:40 lol

  37. cutest cats eevvvvvver

  38. haha I love this video so much

  39. That’s what I wanna do to my boyfriend. All the time. And he hates it xD


  41. Elton Jonh’s cat

  42. They could not possibly be cuter. So adorable, can’t stop watching this. I
    want both of them on my lap. So squish-able.

  43. giv me some sugar!!!

  44. I like cats

  45. So this is how cats make children?

  46. Allen Saint-juste

    It is so cute

  47. Nom nom nom

  48. 神奇的喵星人。= =

  49. I’m more of a dog person but boy do I love the Exotic Shorthairs… and boy
    do I love these two! This video is hilariously adorable.

  50. Joshua Anderson


    *lemme eat you*

  51. Now we know why he’s named Angus. Apparently, he tastes like it.

  52. I’ll take two please!

  53. They’re like the Slaton Sisters, but cats.

  54. hay que lindo !!!

  55. これって,順位付けを確認するための臭い付け(Marking)なんじゃあないかなぁ,噛まれて嫌がったら納得してない¨と言う事で喧嘩になるからあまり反抗しない(出来ない)のでは?

  56. Cailee's Family Life Rocks

    SOoooooo #Cute #AWWNIMALS !!

  57. He’s just cleaning his brothers face. Probably cuz that had some meow mix

  58. 0:06 C’mere! You’re gonna take my lickins’ or I’m gonna eat your whole

  59. I must agree, it was unexpected!! :D

  60. minounours chou

    very very cute

  61. serial№0 “ジヨンlove” original


  62. 激しかー(笑)

  63. gold pig and cat

    ohh! very cute!

  64. Anamika Diaries

    Cuteness overload ???

  65. preciosossssss

  66. I have fallen in love with both Seamus and Angus. Double the Ginger, Double
    the fun!!

  67. MrWittyUsernameHere

    Step 1: Slow down this video to 0.5.
    Step 2: Play Careless Whisper saxophone in the background.

  68. 2匹の猫通信 (Cats Life TV)

    So cute♥

  69. They Are Persian _ IRAN cats :)

  70. Don’t do incest. It leads to cat-astrophic results fur everyone.

  71. he’s dominating him so hard…

  72. Silly cats =O.o= =o.O= mew!

  73. Which is which?

  74. I’ve never seen a cat so contented at having his face eaten

  75. x8 {R.I.P]

  76. Cat bros kiss each other like that?^^

  77. Jean-Eider Pierre-Louis

    LMAO! Facebook brought me here.

  78. When Seamus get in those licks, I guess it’s only logical he has to taste
    Angus, too :)


  80. Nobody likes an aggressive kisser.

  81. 10 minutes into Netflix and Chill…

  82. Netflix and chill

  83. angus legs at 0:40 LOL. im going to die of cuteness overload.

  84. people, that’s how you lick and eat a pussy

  85. Mora Sukma Rizkiyani

    soooo much kisses ?

  86. I’m so in love with these 2 darlings!

  87. This had me laughing out loud. So cute!

  88. 10 mins into Netflix and chill XD

  89. 0:12 cat to the right, MOther oF GoD

  90. “When you’re really into your bae…” ?? nonetheless, this is funny

  91. does anyone know the race of this cat ?
    cat id ?

  92. Angus is thinking he’s getting cleaned but in reality Seamus is really is
    really hungry

  93. This is really fucking cute

  94. They are so cute.

  95. ахаххахах, можно смотреть вечно)

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