WI Lumberjack rescues BLACK BEAR with milk can stuck on head

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Rice Lake, WI Home of the original video filmed on Kitchen Kleen Potato Farmland. www.kitchenkleen.com For licensing/usage please contact: licensing@jukinmedia.com


  1. Good Job Guys!!! You’re my hero of the day!

  2. Go Wisconsin!

  3. Disney made a movie based on these real life events

  4. cet homme a du coeur

  5. surement epuisé depuis plusieur jours avec se seau bravo encore mr l

  6. Gustavus Adolphus


  7. francisco batista

    o zé coméia rsrsrsrsr

  8. Wisconsinites throwing a full can of bear out the window.

  9. Nice skidder boom work and thanks for helping out a wayward bear.

  10. Vertical Video Syndrome strikes again! And hideous camera work, at that!
    SERIOUSLY point it in the right direction, will ya! Potential for an
    incredible video ruined by inability to point a lens at a subject. You’re
    killin’ me Smalls!

  11. Vertical video-taking idiot. People never, never, never fucking learn.

  12. Hey there Boo Boo! I`m stuck!

  13. ‫ابوشهد نواف‬‎

    لو كان عندنا من صيد امس تلق الشوزن مخرقته هو والجالون الي براسه

  14. Николай Зубарев

    Кто от Стаса, ставим плюсик

  15. what assholes would thumbs down this ? unless they were Salmon

  16. Marlin Perkins would be proud. I sure am. Good rescue.

  17. twatlick knobcheese

    fantastic stuff there!!

  18. laura marcela escobar

    Good job guys

  19. Запретить молочные бидоны!!1

  20. the new kid sent me here

  21. the new gay midget sent me here.


    Thanks the new host of =3

  23. “the CLAWWWWWWW”

  24. Robby Motz brought me here :)

  25. aww poor baby probably so scared at first. 

  26. Is it me or he just destroyed a bunch of his plants with the tractor?

  27. Ray Wil- I mean, Robby Motz sent me.


  29. Steve please comes back and teach Americans how to make videos on iphone 

  30. STOP VVS!!!!

  31. heroes

  32. Good job, guys!!

  33. Good on you!! 

  34. TheApocalypsePals

    Amazing, filmed on site with a real potato. Technology sure is something!

  35. #imtiredofthisshit 

  36. …and good looking too!!!

  37. Heidi Xochipiltecalt

    thumbs up if =3 sent you here

  38. Way to record in landscape. 

  39. DoppleNigger, Dolphin Burnheinz, M.D.

    A wiser man than myself once said, “Sometimes you eat the bear, and
    sometimes the bear eats you”.
    And this is exactly why bears should stay the hell away from milk..damn

  40. Ultimate Prize Grabber Champion

  41. good job !!!!!

  42. I’m sure the farmer enjoyed you trampling his crop with that machine.
    Should of called the wild life people instead.

  43. what a man

  44. Kudo’s to the lumberjack and the farmer for freeing the bear! Ignore the
    left coast idiots whining about the possible injury to the bear or the
    destruction of the feed corn. They are clueless idiots who’s only knowledge
    about real life comes from what they hear some other idiot spouting!

  45. cooooool 

  46. Ha! Brilliant!
    Nice work guys!
    This should become an Olympic time trial sport.

  47. Niice, well done gentlemen. 

  48. What assholes! Did you see them tearing up that crop! Zero regard for that
    poor farmer, and now he has a dumb ass bear running lose on his farm. Great

  49. Winnie the poo is tryin to get his hunneh

  50. Great Job Vern … would I have loved to film that!

  51. Chris “Kawaphat” Saunders


  52. That was cool, and he saved a rare animal. Unlike domestic dogs and cats,
    lions, bears, and other exotics are decreacing in numbers every year. We
    owe it to the nature to save them.

  53. Very sweet of you guys to help this bear. So many people would just stand
    around and say “someone needs to do something”

  54. nice job guys!

  55. How wonderful of those guys to help. Though I must admit, I didn’t think it
    was going to work!!

  56. cute & a hero with a great idea. 

  57. Thank you for saving the bear. Poor thing would have suffocated or starved

  58. that bear is fast!

  59. Vern, from one Wisconsinite to another … THANK YOU for what you did for
    this helpless black bear! People like you bring hope for the world back to
    me! You are absolutely one of the BEST!! (((gentle Black Bear hugs to you
    and your friend!))) Pay NO attention to some of the idiots who have posted
    before … and probably after me! If all they care about is filming
    quality, they have serious personal issues! I think it’s wonderful that you
    even thought to record it. Let them try to film something with a camera
    phone while on a large piece of farm equipment that is riding over corn
    rows! The stupidity and ignorance of people today is appalling! Your kind
    makes me proud!

  60. He’ll come back to help pick the corn.

  61. I’ll say this every time I see something like this. REAL men are kind to
    animals! Thanks guys for helping the little bear out!! <3

  62. Remember, folks: put Fences around your garden to prevent random Mobs from
    trampling over them; they may upset the ground and you’ll have to replant

  63. BunnySk8rProductions

    How hard is it to aim the camera at what you’re filming.


  65. Not the best way of going about a rescue but I do appreciate your efforts.
    Some wouldn’t lift a finger because that’s how rotten most people are when
    it comes to animal welfare.

    Thanks for caring.

  66. Nice! 

  67. Gustavo Ramos Rehermann (Gustavo6047)


  68. Jason Holland (The Iron King)

    Somewhere on this farm, there’s a pile of dead bears, just,

  69. You almost killed that bear. Holy shit. Idiots.

  70. Good job boys! Now what are the odds of a bear with a milk jug on its head
    stumbling onto two good old boy with a claw machine?!?

  71. oh no dont let the tree huggers see this one. saving a bear by a logger on
    a farm thats not organic. lol. good operator one in a lifetime save.

  72. I have never seen Packer fans help a Bear before.

  73. Good Sam Baller status achieved.

  74. That’s some real skill to do that without hurting the bear.

  75. ungrateful bastard!just runs away without a thank you

  76. Thank you, you saved this precious animals life. Heroes you are.

  77. Got to be a fucking idiot to think it’s not going to hurt the bear picking
    up with a big hydraulic claw. What dicks, one can only hope they’ll be
    maimed by bears.

  78. Well done mate, very well done, lmfao at the ingenuity and the drama, gotta
    love the critters whilst we are here.

  79. Giulia Ozyesilpinar

    HOT Garrett call me

  80. I’m so happy that these people cared n helped n succeeded and so happy the
    bear was free and not hurt

  81. I was on the edge of my seat until he got out! poor bear! nice people

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