Wiener Dog Minions!

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Find more of Crusoe’s funny antics in his new book:

Check out the Minions Movie:

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund and his brother Oakley Dachshund play a hilarious game of fetch in their new Minions outfits.


  1. May I ask where did you buy those costumes? <3

  2. Aleksandra Cvetkovic


  3. Both hilarious and probably the closest we will ever get to real life
    minions :P

  4. Clara Vancraeynest

    This is amazing! :)

  5. Monica and Grayson!!!!

  6. Please post a video of how to make these!!!

  7. Them costumes looked so funny on the cute pair


  9. OMG…best video ever…still laughing. Thank you 

  10. awesome……I love the videos I like your doges.

  11. Poor dogs

  12. That’s so cute?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. kaylathe equestrian05

    SO CUTE! Love the cute costumes!

  14. Ba ba ba ba ba banna

  15. I can watch this a million times it is so cute

  16. Que

  17. do you have a vid of how to make these my min pins would look awesome in
    these with the kids

  18. Omg so cute lol

  19. gesine Sonnenschein

    so nice and tweet.

  20. My dachshunds name is roxy and she is in her 70s I think but she hates
    doing things like this she is even scared of tennis balls but she is a
    happy dog she is a mini

  21. This is the greatest thing ever.

  22. that was really funny?? ??

  23. oдьта тажоалъь хежьжь афтятяжядььнягвя

  24. priceless

  25. Cuter than Minions!

  26. I saw this on Facebook

  27. Ester Medina Leal

    Cute little dog. I love it.

  28. This is hilarious, I had to subscribe :-)

  29. Omg…Hilarious!

  30. Where can u get that costume?

  31. i love it wiener dog minions grate idea you should do that for Halloween
    this year i like the you tube channel

  32. PSKPRO Minecraft & More!

    no comment…

  33. I laughed my hand off at it it is so funny I want to make one for my dog

  34. love it

  35. +Sunny Santos how much do they sell for??

  36. where did you get those costumes?

  37. totally willing to purchase one from anyone who makes one of these!

  38. Where do I get those costumes? . This is great

  39. so funny

  40. Where can I get one for my dog??? Halloween is coming up!

  41. Makes video on how to make these costumes. PLEASE! I have 3 dachshunds and
    I want a costume for all 3 of them 8-D

  42. haha so funny….brighten up my day…

  43. Molto carini

  44. Jayden_LOVES_Mario_ Dutch

    this is SO FUNNY

  45. Lol suu kawaii ^_^

  46. leuk maar ook zielig

  47. Alexandra Klitz Pandey (Alex KP)

    Please help me help my dachshund!!

  48. I so wish this was longer lol. I could watch this all day LOL.

  49. We’re can I find this costume

  50. 레이디프리즘


  51. wish this video was longer, could watch for ages!!! so good, :)

  52. I like a dog of them. Dress up?????

  53. Se ven chistosos cuando corre pobres perros jajajajaja

  54. this is so adorable

  55. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  56. god has abandoned us…

  57. awwww are so cute

  58. I love your videos! I’m thinking about doing same costume for my dachshund!

  59. Ana Rubia de Oliveira Breula

    Que amor!!!!!

  60. These dogs are absolutely disgusting!!!

  61. Sorry people I hate minions but those dogs were cute

  62. It is so GREAT 🙂 Big Greetings from Poland for U and Your Little Funny
    Friends :)

  63. This vid makes me smile and laugh. It should’ve been longer much longer.

  64. Toriel The goat mom


  65. LOL???

  66. lo

  67. Ja piernicze

  68. Like

  69. ale zabawne!!???

  70. y is there 449 dislike wtf

  71. Funny dog

  72. <3<3<3

  73. cute?

  74. trop migon

  75. Beautys, Braids & Bows Hairstyles

    they actually looked like minions running around lol!!!!! ♡

  76. Oh my god hahaha

  77. Mega zabawne ???

  78. Hahaha??????omg this is so funny

  79. Hi my name is Fritz, Im a dutch dachshund. Come watch me playing with my

  80. I could not stop laughing when they ran down the hallway lol!!!!!

  81. lubię minionki brawa dla tych piesków które przedstawiają

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