Willow the mini pigs first pile of leaves!

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  1. So freaking adorable! <3

  2. It’s so sad that people eat these incredibly smart, cute, funny animals.

  3. hes going to make some great bacon after winter.

  4. Heheh so cute!

  5. so cute :3

  6. I’m in love.

  7. It’s wrong to eat pigs like it is wrong to eat dogs like it is wrong to eat
    cows like it is wrong to eat cats.

  8. More! More!
    Too cute!

  9. SOO cute!!! This needed to be much longer!!!

  10. Pig’s heaven:)

  11. This little piggy went to the leaf pile.

  12. Great, now we are getting pig.

  13. The pig’s name is Chris P. Bacon.

  14. OMG….that was awesome! I know how you feel little fella. I used to do a
    bit of leaf pile jumping when I was a kid too. And he doesn’t have to rake
    ’em back up when he’s finished either.


  16. Anyone else getting hungry……..
    Lol, Im kidding……
    Or am I???

  17. hmmm pork chop , baconnnnnn, and chicharron 😀 :3 😀 :3

  18. John Goodman at the park.

  19. mmm bacon

  20. its gonna make some really good bacon when it grows c:

  21. Just Saiyan Shredded

    That pile of leafs cant hide you from the slaughter house piggy piggy

  22. A happy pig is a tender pig.

  23. Even pigs have more fun then humans these days

  24. Maple syrup bacon…. Just kidding!

  25. That will go nice on my burger

  26. DoucheCarlos On Twitter

    MMMMmmm BACON!!!!!

  27. Some of these “micro pigs” grow into huge hogs.

  28. King Diamond 51fifty

    Was that Hillary Clinton playing in the leaves.

  29. Thats why im muslim :P

  30. Cute pig, but I feel wrong watching this while im eating a baconator from
    wendys =X

  31. this is seriously my favorite thing … Thank you for sharing this!! it
    makes me so happy!!

  32. ṖṳṙṖḶḕ ḃḕḀṳṮẏ

    Do pigs wag their tails the same reason dogs do?

  33. Awww. She looks like she’s having the time of her life! :)

  34. That little piggy is doing what I’d do if I experienced an actual pile of
    Autumn leaves, I live in Florida where I am cruelly deprived of the
    seasons. Lucky little swine!

  35. The only animal that brings you this much joy inside and outside of your

  36. Well, was he having fun or what.

  37. I was like aaw that’s cute. Then I blinked and the video was over.

  38. hey little pig, don’t trust teh humans..

  39. Ramione Clint Angelo Lazaga

    look, a happy meal

  40. Pepa pig

  41. I hope Willow’s parents love him just as much when he’s no longer “mini”!

  42. so cute!! now they gotta rerake

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