Yorkshire Terrier Makes A New Friend With A Bird

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“Paper Heart”
By “PP Music (UK)”
Music used with permission from Freedom! and Position Music


  1. This is adorable! Great share <3

  2. You would think a video like this would have a hundred million hits.

  3. This just amazes me. Lil Yorkies have breeding to catch and kill birds,
    rats, baby rabbits. The predator hunt and kill is usually very high in
    these little dogs. Even at 12 weeks old they have been know to kill a
    bird. Geeeeesh this is pretty dangerous. I just leaned a lesson this AM
    when my little year only male Yorkie, Beau Jangles at 5 lbs, caught and
    killed a baby bird before I could catch him. He disobeyed the DROP IT
    command and ran off with it in his mouth. I was mortified and furious that
    he did that so quick without any warning. His first kill.Grrrrrrrish I
    will have to keep a much closer eye on him now and reattach a lease at all
    times when he is outside.

  4. Great video!

  5. Don’t worry, this will go viral.

  6. That’s the fluffiest dog I’ve ever seen

  7. beautiful!

  8. Coming next spring from Disney Studios, Feathers and Fur! The story of an
    unlikely friendship taken on a long journey……

  9. Nutella Will Destroy The Movie Food Fight And Make Sure No One Will Ever Watch It

    Look at dat birb
    Such cute
    Much wow

  10. That’s so cute love it

  11. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    After these aminals played did they eat pasketti?

  12. Pete! At The Disco


  13. Inb4 the bird eats the dog

  14. a cat would’ve eaten that bird; cats are evil

  15. Awwwww :D

  16. My god I just want to watch these two play around forever

  17. Awwww….. Fuckin’-awwwww

  18. cute

  19. Dollar, where’s muffin top?

  20. That is one chill little bird.

  21. The pup just wanted to play but couldn’t figure out how.

  22. Hold still, you have something on your butt.

  23. This is a metaphor for life…

  24. Fousey’s dallor

  25. Where’s your cat?

  26. Your videos are so cute ?


  28. *cuts right before dog bites birds head off*

  29. Cute pup.

  30. I have a chihuahua and a parrot, The parrot tried pulling on the
    chihuahua’s whiskers while he was sleeping. The chihuahua got spooked and
    bit off some feathers from the parrot. Then chihuahua ran outside, I think
    it was more out of guilt then fear. Cause when I approached him he knew he
    was worried he did something wrong. The parrot was fine, he got a bald spot
    where he got bit.

    Bottom line. Anything can happen so they need supervision.

  31. this vid is adorable- when the bird gets on the dog and they seem to be
    communicating. really sweet and made my day.

  32. That’s a big cat

  33. just brings a smile to my face

  34. Dollar or nah?

  35. Wow! That is so beautiful!

  36. How nice, my dog wouldve just ripped its wings off…

  37. That is an out of control bird clearly attacking a defenseless dog!!!!i can
    not condone such animal violence!!! I said good day!!!!!

  38. Jajajjjajaaa Qué hermosuras!!

  39. so adorable :-)!!!!

  40. Sorry just had to punch a wall to regain my manliness

  41. 啊,好温馨。

  42. Bird goes *boop*

  43. wrg, idts

  44. how sweet??


  46. Thanks for sharing… I smiled all the way through.

  47. This is so sweet, do you reckon the bird is wild or a pet also?

  48. 可愛♪

  49. Hey look, it’s Dollar!

    Like if you get this!


  51. brokenwindowspchelp

    Adorable! Precious! It made me smile and be happy. :)

  52. This is so adorable!!!

  53. That’s so cute?

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