You stop when I say you can stop

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Pupper loves his belly pats.

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  1. Spoiled rotten!

  2. this wants me to get a dog

  3. Jersey Representing

    well trained human

  4. aw, my dog used to do the same thing. if you stopped petting him he’d paw
    at you to get your attention to get back to the more important matters

  5. My dog also so retains only instead of paws hit the nose and how it hard
    and fast stroking it bites and snapes.

  6. Hello, I work for Reuters. I just sent you a YouTube message regarding your
    video. I appreciate if you could take a look.

  7. Aww, what a bossy nugget.

  8. My dog is the same

  9. lol, my shiba does the same thing :)

  10. The CW Television Network

    How to train a human

  11. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    Ironically the one who wears the pants in the relationship is not wearing

  12. 0:52 That face when you get caught doing something you said you wouldn’t

  13. That dog is the master, and the human is the servile subject.

  14. If only the dog could train its human to buy it a better collar.

  15. doggy backbark

  16. Dont be a dog’s servants, train him to bring you beer and make you a

  17. all these dopes.. der der human is servvant der der. training.der der..
    same owners who leave their pets outside or fuck with it cause its a der
    animal I tell yah… Yeah fucktard thats the reason I got a pet. to spoil
    the shit out of it for 4-10yrs.. before it gets hit by a truck or dies of
    some fucked up rapid aging doggy years thing they got going on..

  18. That things sounds like a lion

  19. gud hooman, guuud

  20. Nothin but a hound dog.

  21. Growling is never good. Sooner or later that lab will attack and your hand
    will be rekt.

  22. Odd that the one who wears the pants in that household is the one that
    doesn’t wear any pants :)

  23. this could be ,R&D (research and developement ) BUT it’s r&d (rotten dog) ,
    it spreads

  24. hahaha how cute

  25. That puppy is super spoiled, I luvs it lol. Personally I think it’s a fair
    trade for loyalty and unconditional love, rub that tummy :)

  26. I also grunt when I want more massaging lol

  27. Michael Superczynski

    He’s rubbing his side not his belly. If I were the dog, I’d be

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