Young elephant survives attack by 14 Lions

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Young elephant survives attack by 14 Lions


  1. It looks like they wanna mate LOLOL

  2. ช้างตัวนี้ลักษณะดีมาก น่าจะเป็นก้านกล้วย กับชาติมาเกิด 

  3. I hope he survived! He did put up a good fight!

  4. Lions hate water .. good stratigy little one ;)

  5. And where’s the stupid mother?


  7. Lions were kidding, He took it seriously.

  8. Katarina Goliasova

    This is Ronald—}? Ronald is an orphaned baby elephant because his
    parents were hunted for their tusks. Ronald’s kind could be gone in 10
    years time.We have to #save_the_elephants and repost this everywhere if you
    care, you should care!

  9. Really Amazing Elephant!!

  10. You can really tell the young lionnesses. Not only are they a bit smaller,
    but they’re the ones who seem really freaked out by the elephant every time
    he(?) swings around.

  11. Really sad hope he swerved it

  12. At 1:30 the elephant kicked one of the lionesses… It looked funny. haha

  13. 1:30 was the best kick by elephant

  14. That’s not even a full grown bull…and they had to do all of that.

  15. 2:20 are you still following me ? i’m going to beat the shit out of you.

  16. Yudhistira Pratama

    fuck the lions!

  17. Elephant: I’ll take you all on!

  18. Таня Бусол

    Фу бля, распереживалась капеец((((((((((((((((((((((((

  19. Awesome

  20. 1:30 back kicked that lion right in the face

  21. Rachel Mcarthur

    Wow i do not no what to say

  22. отважный слон

  23. Pobre elefantito y los caras de verga nadamas mirando

  24. 1 v 14 Je prends Kata c’est réglé ;)

  25. he was smart enough to know they do not like water . but where was his
    family ? a young one like this is usually surrounded by lots of family ?
    did he/she get reunited ? wonderful video to see in either way . the lions
    do know to be careful around this beautifull animals.

  26. Where’s the baby’s mother and the rest of the herd?

  27. Who says elephants don’t have thick skin?
    After straying from his mother, a 1-year-old elephant survived a vicious
    attack by 14 lions at the Norman Carr Safaris Chinzombo Camp in Zambia.
    Clearly outnumbered, the baby elephant managed to get away unscathed
    despite having three of the lionesses on his back at one point.
    The dramatic incident was captured on video when journalist Jesse Nash,
    Long Island University Art Professor Dan Christoffel, Naturalist Steve
    Baker and Australian TV personality Nina Karnikowski embarked on a game
    drive through the safari, stumbling upon the site.
    “In the 30-plus years I have been a safari guide in Zambia at the Luangwe
    Park, never have I seen anything like this,” said Innocent, a top safari
    guide who works with Norman Carr Safaris and drove the group to the site.
    “We were all so worried the baby elephant would be killed right before us.”
    The baby elephant has since reunited with his herd and now bears a heroic
    new nickname.
    “We’ve named the little fella Hercules. What a fighter.”

  28. So he survived

  29. I have 3-1/2 hours of video where 3 sub adults took down a young Ellie the
    same size, sadly our experience did not turn out so well the lions won

  30. another chuck norris born (elephant edition)

  31. Jumbo is like not today fuck biosss.

  32. They only go after lions when they are super desperate

  33. It honestly doesn’t seem like the lionesses were trying that hard to hunt
    it down. Like if they really wanted it i’m sure they would all pile on to
    take it down.

  34. Fuck Lion, they eat meat!! Go eat vegetarian!! … Think about 😉 stupid
    veggie people…

  35. lol that lion was a doofus, pack of idiots, a pack of real lions wouldve
    killed him mercilessely. (dont get me wrong, im happy the elephant

  36. Support AnimalRights

    That elephant is young but kind of dumb. It NEEDED to go in deeper water.
    It was too young to know, and should’ve never left the herd.

    Also, some lions are getting hungry and swimming (not always typical); they
    also attack elephants because they are really hungry; not something totally
    typical, because they’d prefer to stay away from such a large creature.

  37. Thats some badass music you got there, that and your rubber duckies for the

  38. Josephat Mustaphathon

    American guy is like, ” can I shoot them all yet?”

  39. gallaecian Knight

    Elephants have an amazing memory yhey never forget, if this young can grown
    up to being an adult, it will be the lion terror…

  40. stupid coward lions. how dare you attacking young elephants. youre lucky no
    grown elephants near that poor thing. and for the fagot who kept talking
    without even helping. shame on you.

  41. Shame on all of you who protect this elephant !! The lions need to feed
    just to preserve them in earth .

  42. Es muy dificil que un leon o varios puedan matar a un elefante, la piel o
    cuero como quieran llamarle es demasiado gruesa para poder ser penetrada
    por los dientes de un felino.

  43. He is still young but 14 fucking lions cant even own him. The elephants are
    the real kings.

  44. I think that people have a very human perspective of what’s going to happen
    if the lions win. They’re not doing it for sport like we would, they need
    to eat. Lions would never attack an elephant of any size unless they are
    desperate. It’s just nature, I don’t know why everyone is going up in arms
    for one side or the other.

  45. Why is this elephant all by itself? Where’s the rest of the herd?

  46. they are lucky that the mother is not in the near

  47. This proves that in nature will is everything, that elephant didn’t take
    time to sit back he just wanted the lions to get off his back. Kinda
    surprised how animals are just like humans, the other lions where just
    spectators while only 3 were willing to do the work, if they all got in the
    elephant wouldn’t stand a chance but they all had mob mentality and ran
    away when the leaders did. That elephant got lucky they didn’t fight back.

  48. xD little elephant have luck, lions have fear for possible crocodiles in
    the water..animal instinct.

  49. killing the fucking lions would be a good thing


    Молодец слонёнок!!!!

  51. σιγσ που θα νικουσαν τα λιονταρια 😛 :P

  52. we didn’t see the end of it, The elephant may not have survived because
    them lions, are not going anywhere, they just didn’t want to break our

  53. is that seth rogen talking?

  54. Where was it’s mother?

  55. Андрей Злой

    Русский ,наверное.

  56. Thuggery. That elephant was g-shit!

  57. eu só vim pela as fatos desconhecidos ….

  58. Damn lions should go vegan

  59. and elephant wins

  60. Just hope he had brains enough to stay in the water until the pride gets
    within hearing range or the lions lose interest.

  61. Let’s see if lions have the courage to fight a fully grown elephant

  62. First time seeing lion run like cowards from a baby elephant

  63. i wonder if 21 hyenas could’ve gotten it. they go straight for the genitals

  64. Wow, one of those lions is missing a tail!

  65. Janardhan Shirurkar


  66. go to the water u wont get kill

  67. Peter B (FunsterPete)

    come on elephant, this way not gonna be a 2nd part.

  68. aaww YAY LIL ELEPHANT!

  69. Сергей Агейкин

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  70. He is lucky, there were only lioness

  71. Superb demonstration bud! ?

  72. 1:29 dat kick…

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