Zoo Animals Review the Apple Watch

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We asked some zoo animals to review the Apple Watch. The verdict? “Meh.”

Thanks to the San Diego Zoo for introducing us to these animals. You can help the zoo’s leading efforts to end extinction here: http://www.endextinction.org/

Produced by Christine Erickson and Keith Hopkin
Filmed and edited by Keith Hopkin

Hey. Hey, you. Yes, YOU!

Also, every time you leave a comment, a dragon burps a rainbow. Let us know what you like, or even love, in the comments below. We want to hear from you!



  1. the crow is the smartest one.

  2. How much did Apple pay the otter between the takes?

  3. Benedict Cumberbatch is so over it

  4. The crocodiles weren’t interested, the possum wanted to eat it, the buzzard
    wanted to kill it, and the beaver just wanted to play with it.

  5. Original! I like it

  6. WaffleProductions

    Best thing ever


  8. Lol 

  9. Zachary Maldonado

    Finally. A review I can trust!


    I’m still gonna trust IGN’s review more

  11. Poor crow

  12. How is this not viral???

  13. Roman Gallo-Righton-Lennon

    this is the best thing ever.

  14. Hate Zoos

  15. Most of the time spent on a review at or about 50% rating is qualifying how
    something is alright despite being flawed. Anything below that is pure

    5/10 Didn’t buy into the realism of the concept, but hey, if you have to
    sell a product allowing us to see animals interacting with it is cool.

  16. Does it taste like apple?

  17. Who cares about the stupid watch, it’s the adorable animals that are the
    star attraction and rule! I hope they get the going union acting rates for
    their work,. Thanks for posting!

  18. Humans are creating the 6th Mass Extinction. But yeah, let’s save a few of
    them for the future.

  19. The Otter clearly wanted to test out how water resistant it is. Give him a
    pool next time, what’s a star have to do to get people to work around here?

  20. Your my “otter” half…..Pfft hahahahahaha hehe

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